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Sunshine over Machu Pichu in Peru

Are you looking for a different kind of holiday this year? Do you need a year off before your next relaxing all inclusive holiday? More and more people are turning to adventure holidays as an actively rewarding way of seeing some of the world's most spectacular destinations.

Adventure holidays offer the chance to get off the beaten track, to experience new cultures and environments while often picking up new skills along the way.

If you want an active holiday that is both rewarding and picturesque, maybe a trekking holiday such as the route across the mountains overlooking Machu Picchu in Peru would be the exhilarating trip you're looking for?

Not concerned about air con and room service? Camping holidays have never lost their appeal, from camping on the red sands of the Australian outback to staying in a safari tent with only a herd of elephants for company.

You can spend your days spotting hippos, white rhinos and cheetahs...

If you're a water lover you may be tempted to take to the high seas on a sailing holiday. Small expedition ships can show you parts of the world large cruise liners can't, such as the volcanoes, crater lakes and coral reefs of Eastern Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

Or if that doesn't sound exciting enough maybe take charge and power yourself through the waters on a kayak or canoeing trip in Thailand or Vietnam.

Are you looking to get a bit closer to nature? How about game viewing on a Kenyan safari? You can spend your days spotting hippos, white rhinos and cheetahs in the wild; surely this is sounding like a more exciting way to pick up a suntan?

Or are we getting too extreme now? Whether you're travelling for a seven day break or a gap year trip of a lifetime, if you plan to travel alone or as part of a family activity holiday, there's sure to be an adventure holiday for you.