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Intense sunset over Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech

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Marrakech is the most visited of all of Morocco's cities and it is no surprise. With a setting at the foot of the snowy Atlas Mountains, this destination is where Africa meets Arabia and Europe and is a wonderful mix of sights, sounds and smells. City breaks in Marrakech are all about the experience.

Why go?

Visitors to Marrakech are likely to have been tempted by the city's lively, energetic beat, which is experienced at its best at Jemaa el Fna square.

The square is where colour and chaos collide to bring you a true taste of Morocco. Snake charmers mingle with persistent street sellers, while acrobats and a choice of local delicacies vie for your attention.

Shopping is an interesting pastime in Morocco, with the souks of Marrakech providing a treasure trove of trinkets and souvenirs, with much of the fun coming from haggling over prices with the jovial sellers.

Heading further into the city, a zigzag of quaint lanes through the Kasbah leads abruptly to the once magnificent Badii palace, which is now a ruin. Painstakingly built over 25 years, the palace was ornate and spectacular, surviving for a century before being plundered by a sultan who transported its riches elsewhere.

Speaking of grand sights, no trip would be complete without a visit to one of the imposing but glorious mosques; the Sis Ben Salah Mosque and the Koutoubia Mosque are undoubtedly two of the best. Built in fine architectural styles and steeped in history, both examples are quintessentially Moroccan.

To appreciate some of the unique history found here, The Saadian tombs offer a great insight, dating to the 1500s and discovered in 1917. Ornate and lavish, the tombs house members of the Saudi Dynasty, with the garden holding graves of soldiers and servants.

Those looking for an altogether different city break will be hard pressed to find somewhere that beats Marrakech, particularly as it is only three-and-a-half hours away from the UK by plane. A couple of bus routes run every 20-30 minutes from the airport and take visitors to Djemaa el Fna square. The journey takes 20-30 minutes and fares are low. You might be handed a map by your driver, so ask if they will stop near your final destination.

A taxi rank sits outside the arrivals terminal. It's best to agree a price before you set off for your Marrakech hotel. Prices can fluctuate due to petrol costs so haggling is the norm on fares.

The sights of Marrakech are all located fairly centrally but a good network of buses serves outlying areas, the airport and the long-distance bus station, which is handy for long journeys around Morocco. Stick to using your own energy to get around if you only want to see the central attractions of Marrakech. It's easy enough to navigate with the right map and a bit of common sense. A novel way to get about in Marrakech, a caleche is a traditional horse-drawn carriage and it's a pleasure to see the city to a soundtrack of clomping hooves. It should not cost more than about 100 dirhams (around £8) for an hour.

If you are planning a trip to Morocco this year and need some help, read on for more information and use TravelSupermarket's search tool to find cheap city breaks to Marrakech.

When to go?

Morocco comes into its own in spring and March to May is a particularly delightful period. The weather in Marrakech is no different.

Another good time to visit is the autumn months from September to November, when temperatures are cool and pleasant. The summer heat can be intense, almost unbearable in fact, so a Marrakech city break during this time is not recommended for those not used to high temperatures.

What's on?

If you are looking to coincide your visit to Marrakech with a local event, take a look at the following.

As a city that is bursting with life, there is always something going on in Marrakech, from religious festivals to those celebrating the arts.

Almond Blossom Festival; February: Held in the village of Tafraoute, this festival signals the end of winter and features plenty of upbeat music and dancing.

Independence Day; June: This is another well-known celebration in Marrakech. The event celebrates Morocco's independence from France in 1956 and a series of parties are hosted during this time.

Marrakech Film Festival; November/December:
This is a major local event that has seen many celebrities grace its red carpet over the years and brought much positive attention to the city.

What to do?

If you are looking for some great things to do on your short break in Marrakech, why not try some of our suggestions?

Shopping: The sights, sounds and smells of the souks in Marrakech lure shoppers keen to test their haggling abilities. Shop for spices, hand-woven rugs, trinkets, silverware and fine jewellery, and when the heat gets too much, cool down with a mint tea with the locals.

Relaxing: While a vigorous massage in a Moroccan hamman might not seem exactly relaxing at the time, your body will thank you afterwards. Treat yourself to a half-day at the traditional steam baths to re-energise for further adventures in Marrakech.

Romance: There are 2.5 acres of gardens to explore at the beautiful artist-led Jardin Majorelle. As well as providing cool shade from the heat of Marrakech, this lush paradise is a romantic setting for strolling hand in hand.