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Beautiful view of the United States Capitol Building,Washington DC

Compare the best east coast USA holidays

The east coast of America is home to scintillating cities, historic towns, sun-drenched beaches, thrilling theme parks and some of the most stunning natural scenery to be found anywhere in the United States.

Why go?

Are you looking for breaks in Florida, New York, Washington or Boston? We've got a fantastic selection of east coast USA package holidays...

Regarded as bustling and busy compared with the west coast's laidback and languid feel, this area of the States has every ingredient for an unforgettable holiday. For theme parks a-plenty head to Orlando in Florida, although if thrills and spills aren't quite enough this state also boasts the Latin culture and cuisine, non-stop nightlife and amazing beaches of Miami.

Further north sits Washington DC, capital city and home to the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Court and more museums than you can visit in a whole lifetime of holidays. Philadelphia is comfortably sandwiched between Washington DC and New York and is noted for thriving port and industrial history. The city is packed with landmarks of early American history and a huge variety of tourist attractions, including zoological gardens, museums and galleries. Located in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is also a good starting point for touring the area and learning more about Amish communities, of which there are many in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia's big brother, New York, needs little introduction. NYC is best described as the world in one city - whatever your taste and whatever your age, you'll be sure to find plenty to delight, amaze and amuse.

If you prefer a little rest and relaxation and some spectacular scenery, head to New England. This region is famed for its quaint towns, pretty landscapes and fresh seafood dishes. The region's biggest city is Boston. Located in the state of Massachusetts, Boston will seem instantly familiar. Whether that's the English feel, the Irish roots or because you were a fan of classic US TV comedy Cheers, you'll feel right at home in this welcoming and historic harbour city, where seafood is a must.

Many visitors opt for fly-drive holidays on the US east coast, as the fascinating destinations and great roads along the eastern seaboard make a road trip interesting and easy. You could concentrate your holiday in Florida, touring Miami, Orlando or the Florida Keys, or create an itinerary in the north around the beauty of New England, where the coastline of Maine and the mountains of New Hampshire are sure to captivate. The cities of New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston are easily absorbed during a two-week break too. Not to be forgotten between the far south and north are the coastal states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, where mountain regions tumble down to the coast and stunning beaches.

You don't have to decide between full on city life and quiet coastal pleasures, as driving during east coast USA holidays is easy and the cost of car hire reasonable.

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When to go?

Stretching along roughly 2,000 miles, east coast climates vary greatly from north to south...

In Florida you can expect warm weather all year, with thunderstorms and high humidity during the summer. Moving north and using Myrtle Beach in South Carolina as an example, summers are hot and rainfall is common. In New York, temperatures can soar in the city in July and August, while winters are cold and snowy. In the north in Maine, the weather is more British, with warm summers, cold winters and unreliable rainfall.

The best time to visit America's east coast depends very much on your destination. New England is at its best between May and October, with September and October recommended for the colour and beauty of the fall. The big cities of New York and Philadelphia are very much year-round holiday destinations as is Florida, although January to May is quieter, cooler and drier.

What's on?

Make east coast America holidays truly unforgettable when you time your break with any of these amazing annual events...

St Patrick's Day Parade in Boston; March: The streets of Boston are awash with green to celebrate St Patrick's Day. The residents of the most Irish city in America ensure that everyone enjoys the good, old-fashioned Irish craic.

Orlando Carnival; May: Every day features parades and fireworks in Orlando, the theme park capital of the world. There's a Caribbean twist in May, however, with the four-day Carnival, which features dancing, music, shows, piles of food and, of course, a parade.

National Memorial Day Parade in Washington; May: It seems fitting to pay tribute to war veterans and the fallen in the nation's capital. Watch the moving event from one of Washington's impressive vantage points.

Independence Day in Philadelphia; July: The 4th of July celebrations are particularly apt in the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Known as the birthplace of the modern nation, Philadelphia hosts a number of events and a fireworks extravaganza.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York; November: Join the crowds in Times Square to see this renowned parade, which features elaborate floats and a great big metaphorical slice of American pie.

What to do?

With such diverse landscapes and a huge range of attractions and activities on offer, holidays on America's east coast will never be dull...

Kids and teens: A family holiday? In America's eastern states? For most this means one thing and one thing only: Orlando! Journey to Florida for more family fun than you can shake a magic wand at. Disney... the Wizarding World of Harry Potter... Wet 'n Wild... the kids won't be able to contain their excitement (neither can most adults, for that matter).

Free and cheap: There are some expensive cities on the east coast (we're looking at you, New York and Boston), but it costs nothing to see one of the north-east's most majestic sights: the fall colours. Join the “leaf-peepers” in New England during the autumn months as the landscape undergoes a dramatic makeover, from green and verdant to a rich mosaic of spicy reds, oranges and golds. Hire a car and go where you please as nature works its magic.

Shopping: For serious shoppers, it can only be New York City. Manhattan's stores are enough to make eager shoppers whisk their credit card over the Atlantic even for just a weekend. Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, Macy's, Bloomingdale's... the names alone have fashion-lovers reaching for their wallets.

Nightlife: Cool cocktail bars by the ocean? Check. Rooftop drinks as the city skyline comes to illuminated life? Check. Jumping nightclubs that take dancers into the early hours? Check. Welcome to Miami.