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Destinations in East Coast USA

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  1. Orlando
  2. Miami
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Washington DC
  7. Boston

Image of Boston Public Garden, East Coast USA

America's East Coast is home to some of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and holiday destinations in the whole of the United States. Regarded as bustling and busy compared to the West Coast's laidback and languid, this area of the States has every ingredient for an unforgettable holiday. For theme parks a-plenty head to Orlando in Florida, although if thrills and spills aren't quite enough this state also boasts the Latin culture and cuisine, non-stop nightlife and amazing beaches of Miami.

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Further north sits Washington DC, capital city and home of the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Courts and more museums than you can visit in a whole lifetime of holidays. Philadelphia is comfortably sandwiched between Washington DC and New York and is noted for its harbour, thriving port and industrial boom. The city is packed with landmarks of early American history and a huge variety of tourist attractions, including zoological gardens, museums and galleries. Philadelphia's big brother, New York, needs little introduction.

Nightime image of Boston Skyline, East Coast USA

The 'Big Apple' is best described as the world in one city - whatever your taste, however big or small your budget and whatever your age you will be sure to find plenty to delight, amaze and amuse you. If you prefer a little rest and relaxation and some spectacular scenery, head to New England. This region is famed for its quaint towns, pretty landscapes and fresh seafood dishes. The region's biggest city is Boston, which has a very 'English' feel and is compact, clean and historic.

The 'Big Apple' is best described as the world in one city...

The best time to visit America's East Coast depends very much on your destination. New England is at its best between May and October, with September and October recommended for the colour and beauty of the fall. The big cities of New York and Philadelphia are very much year-round holiday destinations as is Florida, although January to May is quieter, cooler and drier. Find out more about some of East Coast USA's holiday hotspots by clicking on the links below.