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Coastline view of Symi 

With its unspoilt scenery and friendly inhabitants, holidays to Symi provide tourists with a traditional Greek island experience. The island of Symi is situated north of Rhodes and has a population of approximately 2,500.

Symi holidays are for those that seek a laid back island life and a place to unwind. Walking is a great way to see everything the island has to offer; from the historic cobbled streets and monasteries to the picturesque beaches.

During the day, Symi can be quite busy with day-trippers from Rhodes. The islands are in close proximity to each other, therefore regular ferries provide good transport links. Once the day-trippers return to Rhodes, the evening is much quieter.

Symi town is at the heart of the island and divided into two areas, called Yialos and Chorio. Yialos Harbour is very picturesque and boasts an impressive hillside landscape of Venetian mansions. The harbour is where the ferries from Rhodes and other destinations moor. The Nautical Museum is located in Yialos. This is a popular tourist attraction for people on Symi holidays because it houses many old maps, model ships and other nautical artefacts.

North of Yialos is the bay of Nimborios, which consists of a small number of houses and monasteries. There is also a tavern and a shingle beach. At the top of the island is Chorio. This enchanting small village offers walkers a challenging climb up stairways and through cobbled streets. The houses within this older part of the island have been restored to their former glory.

Holidays to Symi should include a visit to one of the secluded beaches. One way to see them is to travel by sea taxis, which are available from Symi harbour and Pedi Bay. Pedi Bay is the valley below Chorio.

Two of the most popular bays in the area are Agios Georgios and Agios Nikolaos. The stunning Agios Georgios is a remote shingle beach offering a place for sun worshippers to relax. Agios Nikolaos, on the other hand, is a more family-friendly beach. It offers a place for children to swim safely due to its shallow, sloping shoreline and beach bars for the adults.

Marathounda beach is one of the last stops on the sea taxi route. It is also accessible by road. The beach is an ideal venue for snorkelling due to its crystal clear waters. Panormitis is on the island's southwest coast. The town boasts a beautiful monastery, which is home to Byzantine frescoes and an image of the Archangel Michael.


Any time is a good time for a holiday here as far as the climate is concerned. However, many people like to come in the spring and summer months because of the lovely floral displays.


The annual Symi Festival in the town square has events from July to September. It features open-air movies, theatre productions, music, dance performances and art exhibitions. In Lindos, tribute bands perform at the Rhodes Rock Festival in June. For classical music, the Palace of the Great Magister in Rhodes is the venue for concerts during the summer.

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