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Morning view of the Grand Canyon from Narajo point

Prepare to be amazed during Grand Canyon holidays - this spectacular mile-deep natural phenomenon will take your breath away, especially if you take part in one of the adrenaline-pumping activities around the canyon, such as hiking, helicopter rides, white water rafting or tackling the hair-raising glass bridge that juts out over the edge.

The Colorado River has been snaking through the state of Arizona in the west of the United States of America and carving out the Grand Canyon for millions of years. Visitors can discover all the astonishing facts and figures during holidays in Grand Canyon. For starters though, you should know that the amazing natural wonder is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and one-mile deep - some pretty impressive vital statistics!

The best ways for British tourists to access the Grand Canyon National Park is to fly into the international airports of Phoenix (PHX), Los Angeles (LAX), or Las Vegas (LAS). Hire a car, get yourself to either edge of the canyon, and prepare to be amazed. Holidays in Grand Canyon are perfectly paired with all-American road trips on West Coast USA holidays.

The two sides of the canyon are known as the North Rim and the South Rim. The North Rim is at a higher elevation than the south and is frequented by fewer visitors as it is less accessible.

On the North Rim you'll find Kaibab Plateau, Imperial Point - the highest viewpoint - and Bright Angel Point Trail, not to be confused with the Bright Angel Trail, which starts from the South Rim.

Jacob Lake is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon as the only good road leading to the North Rim starts here. Waterfall in the Grand Canyon

On the South Rim is the main tourist hub of the Grand Canyon Village, plus the Grand Canyon Visitor Centre, where visitors can see the canyon on the big screens of the IMAX theatre before witnessing the real thing.

Desert View Drive is one of the scenic driving routes of the South Rim. Even if you don't fancy hiking or taking a mule down into the canyon, you should attempt to see as much as the Grand Canyon as you can during your visit.

Other spectacular ways to view the canyon include taking to the skies with a helicopter trip, or taking to the water via a river trip.

A unique new take on a Grand Canyon view is the technically impressive Skywalk. It's a horseshoe shaped glass bridge where brave visitors can see the depths of the canyon under their feet. The Skywalk is in the west and is easily accessed via day trips from Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon really is a stunning piece of natural architecture. You have to see it to believe it - and even then you might struggle to take it all in. Book your holiday to the Grand Canyon now and see if you can believe your eyes. Let TravelSupermarket take the strain and use our search tool on the left to find your Grand Canyon holiday today.


As the North Rim is higher than the South Rim, temperatures on the northern edge are a little cooler. During the height of summer expect temperatures on the South Rim at around 20C, and a few degrees cooler on the North Rim. This all changes when you descend into the canyon, where daytime temperatures can be extreme. Expect to swelter as the mercury soars past 35C. Winter weather can be severe and the North Rim is often completely inaccessible due to snow.


Grand Canyon Star Party; June: The night sky is the focus of attention as visitors are encouraged to explore the wonders of the night via free astronomy workshops and free use of giant telescopes.

Independence Day; July 4: You won't see fireworks at this 4th of July celebration due to safety concerns for local (and very dry) forests. You will find a unique series of traditional family events including a tug-of-war, horseshoe tossing and a parade.

Ranger events; spring to autumn: The park's knowledgeable rangers host a variety of interesting talks, walks and other activities. Check what's on when you arrive on either the North or South Rim. Some are suitable for families and some activities are wheelchair accessible.

Best of Grand Canyon holidays for...

Romance: Wrap up warm and snuggle up with your loved one to watch the sun dip below the horizon in one of the most dramatic locations in the world.

Active types: What better way to see the Grand Canyon than by hurtling down the Colorado River on a white-water raft? Get ready for a bumpy ride as you fly past the awe-inspiring scenery.

Grown-up families: Which one of your clan will be brave enough to venture on to the Skywalk - a horseshoe shaped bridge over the Canyon where only glass will separate you from the 4,000-foot drop.