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Sunny beach with blue sea and white sand in Bermuda

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There are three things that many people associate with Bermuda: the shorts, the triangle, and the fact that it's Britain's oldest remaining overseas territory. But did you also know that the group of islands feature great stretches of beautiful coral-pink sandy beaches and miles of pristine coastline?

Why go?

Bermuda is a unique destination. Upmarket, high quality, and with the most amazing pink sands, it's one of a kind...

Holidays in Bermuda are about more than just amazing beaches though. The islands also have great restaurants, sporting pursuits, diving opportunities, a large dose of culture and history, a diverse sprawl of lush flora and fauna, and a subtropical climate that sees average temperatures of 26°C in summer.

Situated in the North Atlantic, some 1,000 miles east of Orlando, the islands of Bermuda make up an unusually shaped gathering, resembling a fishhook. They are surrounded by coral reef and striking blue-green seas.

Flights into Bermuda International Airport (BDA) take around six hours from the UK, and those flights are often full of honeymooners and couples seeking an exclusive beach break. Bermuda has a British feel and this is evident in the architecture, the culture and the people. You might even catch a game of cricket and a gentleman in a shirt and tie - though look down and it's likely he'll be wearing those famous just-above-the-knee shorts.

High-end hotels are spread out across Bermuda, with the most popular resorts of Elbow Beach and Southampton Beach on the south coast, and the historic town of St George's on the northern tip. Bailey's Bay, in the north, is where you can sup a pint at Bermuda's oldest pub, the Swizzle Inn, while Warwick Long Bay and nearby Horseshoe Bay feature rocky outcrops and dazzling clear waters. Sandys can be found at the very end of the “fishhook” and offers yet more stunning sunbathing and swimming spots, including the Cambridge beaches.

The reefs around the islands are notoriously dangerous for ships, though divers will be in heaven exploring the numerous wrecks, including the Spanish cruise liner the Cristobal Colon.

Should you ever get bored of lounging in the sunshine and taking in the views, there are plenty of opportunities for adventures on Bermuda holidays. Golf, tennis, and fishing can be found, and nautical types can hire yachts and boats - or just go along for the ride with an experienced crew. Day trips can be made to the Royal Naval Dockyard or the Botanical gardens, which can be found in the capital of Hamilton.

There are plenty of forts in Bermuda too, such as St Catherine, Scaur, and Gates. These offer terrific glimpses into the military past of the territory.

Little ones in your party will enjoy Bermuda's Aquarium, Museum and Zoo in Flatt's Village, on the north shore.

Whatever you think you know about Bermuda, visit these striking islands and discover for yourself the abundance of treasures that Bermuda has to offer.

When to go?

Bermuda enjoys similar weather to the Canary Islands - hot summers, mild winters, and only occasional rainfall...

Temperatures hover at around 26°C between June and September, and around 18°C from December to April. The rainfall arrives and the humidity drops in winter.

What's on?

If you are looking for events on the island, then consider some of these great ideas...

Whale watching; March: Early spring is the best time to catch the annual migration of humpback whales past the islands of Bermuda. Boat trips are on offer, and you can often see the natural wonder from the shoreline.

Cricket - Cup Match; July/August: The quintessentially British game is adored here in Bermuda. Most of the island is engrossed in the cup match and this makes for a fantastic festival atmosphere wherever you are in the islands.

Somer's Day Celebrations; August: The final day of the cricket Cup Match also marks Somer's Day, which honours the discovery of the islands in 1609 by Admiral Sir George Somers. There are festivities galore across the islands.

What to do?

Bermuda is a fantastic place to rest and unwind. However, there are plenty of fun things to see and do...

Relaxing: If you fancy a day out of the sun, take a trip to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute where you can stroll around the various exhibits and learn about the underwater world. Discover shipwrecked treasure, experience the simulated shark cage and go on a virtual dive.

Romantic: Indulge in a day of relaxation with your other half as you lounge on beautiful Horseshoe Bay Beach. With its powder-pink sand and turquoise waters, it's the perfect setting for romance.

Active: If you're a golf enthusiast, Bermuda should be on your holiday wish list. Enjoy teeing your way around one of the islands' superb courses with nothing but a glistening ocean view to distract you.

Grown-up families: For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, take a trip to Dolphin Quest where you will be able to swim alongside and even kiss dolphins. Unforgettable holiday memories will be made as you splash around in a tropical paradise with these lovable creatures.