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Idyllic white sand beach with palm trees and clear blue sea

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Set like rare jewels in sparkling topaz seas, the islands of the Seychelles make up one of the world's most precious natural wonders. Honeymooners, couples and families are welcomed to this island paradise and most never want to leave. This is truly a unique destination.

Why go?

Situated way off the east coast of Africa in the middle of the ocean, the islands have been blessed with natural beauty…

From lush green hills and mountains, to boulder-strewn beaches cushioned with powdery white sand, where the warm clear seas gently caress the shoreline. These are beaches at their best - in fact; lists of the best beaches in the world often feature the beaches of the Seychelles such as Anse Lazio.

Seychelles holidays begin on the main island of Mahé, where flights arrive into the tropical Indian Ocean nation at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ).

From there you are spoiled for choice with the chance to transfer to one of the beautiful sand-fringed islands that make up the Seychelles. You can choose to take your holidays in Seychelles on the main island of Mahé, where the bustling capital of Victoria will enliven the senses before you flop out on the popular beach of Beau Vallon. Perhaps you'll opt to be whisked away to one of the fantastic island boltholes such as Praslin, which is home to Anse Lazio beach, or to the delights of the other main island of La Digue.

Holidaymakers also love to visit the islands of Denis, Desroches and Silhouette

When to go?

April to December is the best time to visit the islands, outside the rainy season. There is no cold season due to year-round sun...

The tropical isles rarely see temperatures below 25°C throughout the year, though holidaymakers visiting between December and March are likely to experience more rainfall, as this is the annual rainy season.

What's on?

The islands are known for their peace and quiet; however that doesn’t mean there aren’t events throughout the year…

Here are three of the country’s unique events.

FetAfrik; late May: The Seychelles celebrate the country's African and Creole culture on Africa Day with music, dancing and platters of tasty local food.

Feast of the Assumption of Mary; August 15: Join in with the locals and honour the Christian faith with church services across the nation. The church at La Digue is the most popular place to congregate.

Mahé-Praslin Windsurfing Race; August:
Watch the contestants set sail from Victoria in Mahé or see them reach the finish line off Praslin. Wherever you are, get in on the post-race party action.

What to do?

With beautiful temperatures year round, it would be easy just to fly and flop. However, there is much to do on the islands…

While the temptations of lazing on a beach are the main draw during Seychelles holidays, the chance to get active and go diving and snorkelling should not be missed. A stunning underwater world waits, where turtles and a rainbow of fish cuddle in close to the coral reefs. If you'd rather stay above water, sailing trips offer fantastic memories.

Hiking is also popular on these tropical islands, as is bird watching in the inland forests, where an abundance of colourful winged creatures take residence.

Your image of holidays in Seychelles probably revolves around a couple lazing in a hammock on a sun-kissed beach, and while this is certainly a common sight, there is also plenty on offer for families and many hotels run clubs to keep the kids entertained (perhaps while you slope off to find that hammock).

Seychelles holidays are undoubtedly about the fine beaches, but you should take a journey here to discover the nation's multitude of treasures.