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God of Winds Temple at Tulum

Compare the best February holidays

Looking for where is hot in February for a holiday? The southern hemisphere is the place to be at the moment as the European summer destinations continue to struggle through the depths of winter. With the Mediterranean cooling down from another beach holiday season other destinations around the world such as Thailand, Gambia, Cuba and Dubai are enjoying hot and sunny weather. If you're seeking day long sunbathing sessions in February on the beaches of the Balearics or the Greek Islands you'll be disappointed, so we've picked out some hot and sunny destinations that might tempt holiday makers keen to escape in February.


Thailand is a country scattered with tropical islands such as Ko Phi Phi, Ko Chang, Ko Samui and popular resorts such as Pattaya and Phuket, all conjuring up typical picture postcard scenes of white sands, turquoise seas and palm fringed beaches.

Thailand is a country scattered with tropical islands such as Ko Phi Phi, Ko Chang, Ko Samui and popular resorts such as Pattaya and Phuket, all conjuring up typical picture postcard scenes of white sands, turquoise seas and palm fringed beaches.

If you're looking for hot countries in February, then you can't get much hotter than Thailand; the bustling and popular resort of Phuket has temperatures of 28ºC (or 91f) and enjoys 9 hours of sunshine. As Thailand is sub tropical in the heart of South East Asia it has very high humidity in February so the monthly 27mm (or 1.1 inches) of rain is most welcome as evening descends, cooling things down to a balmy 23ºC at night.

Average February Temperature: 28ºC
Average February Rainfall: 42mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 9hrs

Although flights to Bangkok may be more expensive than the usual return flight to Spain, the costs when you're there are very low indeed, a top quality meal in a restaurant with a couple of drinks will set you back the equivalent of £10, perfect if you're a big fan of hot Thai cuisine and genuine Thai hospitality. The cost of accommodation is also very competitive from air conditioned beach bungalows to 5 star resorts for a fraction of European prices.


Dubai has a hot and arid desert climate but this ensures hot and sunny weather all year round. In fact, it's almost too hot in the summer months with temperatures reaching over 40ºC. A much more pleasant time to visit Dubai is from November to March when temperatures tolerable for sun seekers...

Beautiful beaches line Dubai's coastline such as Jumeirah Beach, home to Dubai's swankiest holiday clubs and hotels.  

Average February Temperature: 20ºC
Average February Rainfall: 25mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 8.5hrs

Dubai is popular for its local markets, or Souks as they are referred to locally. There is a whole host of different souks selling the a wide range of Arab themed produce - the  Spice Souk, Perfume Souk and Fish Souk are well worth a visit purely for the experience if not to purchase anything!   Recently opened, the Dubai Mall has the world's largest number of retailers in one mall with 1,200 shops, housed in salubrious air-conditioned surroundings. Outside of Dubai's city limits thrill seeking visitors should try a 4X4 desert safari which takes you on a tour of the awe-inspiring dunes, you can also stop at local Arabian settlements and even try your hand at sandboarding! Click here for more information on Dubai in February.


Perth, Western Australia has the enviable reputation of having the most sunshine hours of any capital city in Australia. It is a perfect destination for travellers looking for a hot and sunny February holiday.

Life in Perth city centre focuses around the Swan River which is lined with bars and restaurants. However, the real gems of Perth lie on the outskirts of the city such as the surf havens of Scarborough or Cottesloe Beach where you can enjoy unforgettable over the Indian Ocean.

Average February Temperature: 25ºC
Average February Rainfall: 14mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 10hrs

Further south of Perth, you'll find the Margaret River region which produces some of the best wines in the world and is also home to Smiths Beach, again popular with the surfing fraternity. Perth is a great choice for a February break, although it's most definitely a long haul destination given Perth is nearly 9,000 miles away with flight times of around 18 or 19 hours. The reward is average day time temperatures of 25ºC (or 88f), 10 hours of brilliant sunshine and hardly any rainfall.

Where else do we recommend?

Other hot destinations in February include Gambia, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Cancun and Florida - all of which are great places to visit in February...


Gambia is often overlooked by many UK holidaymakers as the Canaries, Balearics, Greece and Turkey take precedent. However, Gambia is a great alternative to a Med holiday and also offers a February winter sun option for sun starved Brits.

Average February Temperature: 26ºC
Average February Rainfall: 1mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 9hrs

Most major tour operators include Gambia in their brochures and you can pick up some fantastic late bargains for 2 adults for 1 week for around £300. Be warned that you need to have injections before travelling (Malaria tablets too) but you are virtually guaranteed 9 hours of sunshine with temperatures up to the mid 30's in the daytime and zero rainfall in February. So for a total different cultural experience in Western Africa, beaches that stretch for miles, guaranteed sunshine and a cheap package holiday deal why not consider the Gambia for your hot holiday this February?

Cape Verde

Situated around 300 miles just off the coast West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde is an eclectic hybrid of African and Portuguese cultural influences.

Average February Temperature: 25ºC
Average February Rainfall: 3mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 9hrs

Though Cape Verde is not a mainstream tourist mecca unlike the Canary or Balearic Islands, it does still attract large numbers of visitors to the stunning beaches of Sal and Boa Vista. For active thrill seekers, a holiday to Cape Verde could involve awesome hiking on hillsides layered with frozen lava, incredible surfing and windsurfing and excellent deep sea fishing. If you're looking for something a little different and an average daytime temperature of 25ºC, minimal rainfall of 3mm and daylong sunshine then Cape Verde could be the remote February escape you're looking for.


The Caribbean Islands will always satisfy the need for a spot of February winter sun. From the Bahamas in the north of the Caribbean region to Barbados in the south, there will be plenty of package holiday deals to suit the budgets of most travellers desperate to soak up some winter rays this February.

Average February Temperature: 25ºC
Average February Rainfall: 67mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 8hrs

The fascinating island of Cuba has some of the best value all inclusive resorts in the world; you can have a luxury all inclusive 10 days for approximately £900, to search for the latest deals click the link at the bottom of this Caribbean section. Also, for example, the Dominican Republic has excellent all-inclusive resorts and enjoys a fantastic February climate; the temperature peaks around midday at 26ºC to 27ºC, and the rainfall statistics are pleasing too; the Dominican Republic has just 50mm of rain per month and that usually falls at night, when you'll be sipping a rum and coke and tucking into the local cuisine!

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are just over 50 miles from sub Saharan Africa and so benefit from a pleasant climate and plenty of sunshine all year round, perfect for a hot winter sun holiday. With average winter temperatures hovering around a very mild 22ºC, sunbathing around the pool or relaxing on the 930 miles of beaches is an everyday possibility.

Average February Temperature: 22ºC
Average February Rainfall: 55mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 7hrs

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, has some stunning beaches, notably Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. It is also an excellent place to see volcanic activity with Mount Teide looming over the central part of the island. Next in size, Gran Canaria, also plays host to some beautiful beaches, in particular, Maspalomas, with its white beach and huge sand dunes which providing a spectacular backdrop along the 3.5 mile stretch of beach.

Other islands such as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Gomera also enjoy pleasant winter sun temperatures, averaging around 22ºC in February, and as the peak season has long since passed you'll be able to pick up some bargain package deals in February.


Famed for its nightlife and white sandy beaches, Cancun is a top Caribbean holiday destination all year round. Despite a 10 hour flight time from the UK, Cancun is well worth the effort to guarantee a great party and a fantastic tan even in the depths of February.

Average February Temperature: 23ºC
Average February Rainfall: 55mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 7hrs

It's worth bearing in mind, that the beaches of Cancun are split between the north and the east. To the north, Playa Las Perlas and Playa Linda are superb for watersports, in particular the excellent diving tours and turtle farm close to Isla Mujeres. Whilst the eastern side of Cancun is home to Playa Ballenas, Gaviota Azul, San Miguelito and Playa Delfines; quieter beaches though susceptible to stronger winds but are ideal if you are seeking a peaceful February escape. Away from the beaches, Chichen Itza is an amazing Mayan ruins site with amazing pyramids and stunning temples, well worth a day trip.  Cancun's average February temperatures hover around 28°C and the Mexican resort also enjoys 7 hours of sunshine but due to its hot and sticky tropical location it does receive 54mm of rainfall.


Disneyworld and the Orlando theme parks plus stunning beaches such as St Petersburg and Clearwater make Florida a brilliant choice for a family holiday in February.

Average February Temperature: 23ºC
Average February Rainfall: 82mm
Average Hours of Sunshine: 8hrs

With average temperature high's of 23ºC and average February rainfall of 8.2cm in comparison to 20cm in June, it's definitely a safe bet for British holidaymakers desperately searching for where is hot in February