Gorgeous Town Hall in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic

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Take a tour into Europe's fascinating past when you spend some time in the Czech Republic. Sitting at the heart of the Continent where Bohemia and Moravia once met, Czech Republic hotels are filled with visitors looking for local wine, historic buildings and charming cities and towns.

Why go?

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Prague is a wonderful city and rightly deserves its place on the list of Europe's most-visited. For all its history, charm, style and nightlife, however, Prague does tend to draw the attention of visitors away from the rest of the country. This is a shame, as the Czech Republic has much to offer.

The second-largest city, Brno, has a skyline dominated by castles and cathedrals. While the city's historic area is not as big as the one in Prague, Brno has plenty to captivate visitors with.
The nation's vineyards are also worth some of your time - it's not just beer makers that have mastered their craft here. Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic, produces the large majority of the country's grapes and you can sample the best vintages when you take a tour of the area's wineries.

Spa breaks are also popular in Czech Republic. Healing mineral waters bubble up in famed spa towns such as Marianska Lazne and excellent resort hotels soothe guests with a wonderful range of treatments.

Active types also flock to the Czech Republic for adrenaline-fuelled rock climbing, biking, hiking and winter-time skiing.

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Where to stay?

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Most visitors to the Czech Republic head straight to Prague with its beautiful architecture and fascinating history. Hotels here aren't as cheap as they used to be but standards have improved a lot in recent years.

There's a huge choice of accommodation on offer in the city from small boutique hotels to restored historic buildings that have been brought up to 21st century standards. Backpackers are right at home in Prague with plenty of youth hostels offering cheap accommodation.

The standards of hotels in Czech Republic destinations away from Prague are generally a bit lower, but it isn't too difficult to find good quality hotels in the other major cities such as Brno and Ostrava and the main resorts.

Camping is also popular in the Czech Republic and there are campsites open throughout the summer in the Jihoceský region, Jihomoravský region and others.

The prices of hotels in the Czech Republic are highest during the peak months of autumn and around Christmas so it's advisable to travel outside of these times for the cheapest rates. Also, it's best to book as early as possible for cheaper prices - use our price comparison to find the best deals.

What to see?

The most-visited attractions are in Prague, though there's much to see elsewhere in the Czech Republic...

Top five attractions

Prague Castle

This hill-top castle is one of the most-visited attractions in all of the Czech Republic, so get here early to see it without big crowds. The official residence of the president, the castle is said to be the largest in the world.

Cesky Krumlov

The spice-coloured roofs of this attractive town occupy either side of a winding river in the south of the country. Big on charm and honoured by Unesco for its history and beauty, Cesky Krumlov has more than enough to lure you away from Prague.

Karlovy Vary

The country's most popular spa town, Karlovy Vary is a patchwork of historical buildings, wooded hills and spectacular gardens. It's an ideal spot for a relaxing spa break.


This handsome town, in the south of the Czech Republic, was originally founded as a moated fortress. Though its water-side setting is no longer necessary for protection, the waters and gabled houses add a fairy-tale quality to this beautiful destination.


Some of the best-value skiing in Europe is available in the Czech Republic. Areas such as Sumava and Beskydy are easily accessible from the main airports and offer terrific value for money as well as sublime scenery.

What's on?

Find out what's on when with our guide to some of the best annual events in the Czech Republic...

Highland Games; August: Yes, you read that right: Highland Games... in the Czech Republic. The romance of Sychrov Castle, in the north of the country, is swept to one side to make way for bagpipe-playing, tartan-wearing, whisky-sampling Scots and those with Scottish heritage, plus many bemused but delighted visitors.

Hana Hops Harvest Festival in Olomouc; September: Celebrate the hop harvest as this annual feast of food, live music, markets, fireworks and, of course, beer.

Prague Christmas Market; November-December: One of the best times of the year to be in Prague, the festive season sees the city in its most resplendent winter gear and welcomes visitors to the stalls, carol concerts and various events of Yuletide.