Destinations in the Czech Republic

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  1. Prague

Bridge in the Czech Republic

Most visitors to the Czech Republic head straight to Prague with its beautiful architecture and fascinating history. Hotels here aren't as cheap as they used to be but standards have improved a lot in recent years.

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Beautiful architecture and fascinating history...

There is a huge choice of accommodation on offer in the city from small boutique hotels to restored historic buildings that have been brought up to 21st century standards. Backpackers are right at home in Prague with plenty of youth hostels offering cheap accommodation.

The standards of hotels in the Czech Republic away from Prague are generally a bit lower, but it isn't too difficult to find good quality hotels in the other major cities such as Brno and Ostrava and the main resorts.

Czech Republic river scene

Camping is also popular in the Czech Republic and there are campsites open throughout the summer in the Jihoceský region, Jihomoravský region and others.

The prices of hotels in the Czech Republic are highest during the peak months in autumn and around Christmas so it's advisable to travel outside of these times for the cheapest rates. Also it's best to book as early as possible for cheaper prices, use our price comparison to find the best deals.