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Find the best deal on last-minute hotels

With many people needing to book a hotel at the last minute, it really does pay to ensure you are getting the very best deal on your hotel booking. Keeping control of costs will help you to make more of your money and using our price comparison service will help you to get away for less.

Why use price comparison for last-minute hotels?

Whether you're looking for somewhere to stay tonight, tomorrow night, or in the next couple of weeks, we can help you to find somewhere to stay.

From five-star hotels to cosy bed & breakfasts, we'll search more than 55 hotel websites, including online travel agents and well-known chains, trawling through prices of more than 200,000 hotels in destinations throughout the world - including cities, small towns and holiday resorts. And don't worry that you've left it too late to book your last-minute hotel as we'll show hotel results in real time - so the properties you see are what's actually available.

We're here to take the stress out of finding that last-minute hotel deal so you don't have to trawl the streets looking for vacancies. Simply use our hotel finder to enter your dates and destination and reserve your hotel room online.

Tips on how to save money

Booking a last-minute hotel can end up costing more than you've budgeted for, so follow our tips for how to make more of your money.

It might be stating the obvious, but leaving booking a last-minute hotel until, well, the last minute, can sometimes end up with you footing a huge bill. Wherever possible, we advise booking ahead, especially at peak periods where high demand can lead to sky high prices.

Many hotels and online booking companies offer deals where you book ahead and pay in full with no refunds allowed. The rates are reduced but you sacrifice flexibility on your booking.

If you can't book ahead, follow our tips to keep your last-minute hotels costs down:

• Be clear where you need to stay and start your search for hotels around where you want to be located. Extend the search out if you can't find something in your price range.
• Consider travelling in on rail and metro lines from cheaper areas; however, ensure this is not a false economy either due to the travel time or the cost of travelling.
• Look for 'secret hotel' deals where the hotel name is not issued until you book. This can save you up to 50% or more on the price of a named hotel.
• Look at aparthotels or apartments as a great solution in cities. They can often work out cheaper than hotels as they allow you to self-cater.
• When selecting your hotel room look for different room sizes to see if the prices vary.
• If you can avoid paying for breakfast and select a room only deal you may well be able to stay for less, and you can pick up breakfast locally in a café at a cheaper rate.
• Be wary of wi-fi and mini bar costs. These can be very expensive so look for free wi-fi spots, use your own 3G or 4G (watch out for additional charges abroad), and buy goods in a local supermarket or bar to save money.