Destinations in the Netherlands

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  1. Amsterdam

Image of a bridge over a canal in the netherlands at night

Hotels in the Netherlands offer a good variety of accommodation from the busy cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht to the flatlands which make for perfect cycling terrain.

Most visitors to the Netherlands will stay in Amsterdam...

Most visitors to the Netherlands will stay in Amsterdam. The city is small enough to easily walk from one side to the other so most hotels are within easy access of the centre. Visitors looking to experience the true Amsterdam culture should stay in Dam Square due to its ease of access and close proximity to all the main attractions.

Even the most basic hotels in the Netherlands nearly always offer high standards of cleanliness and are rarely dirty or grotty. In essence you get what you pay for and you can rest assured that visitors rarely get 'ripped off' with high prices.

Image of the netherlands

Most Netherlands hotels offer rooms on a bed and breakfast basis which is handy because few restaurants, especially in Amsterdam, serve morning meals. Traditional Dutch breakfasts usually consist of a hard boiled egg, some sliced meat and cheese, some bread and coffee.