Destinations in Popular European Cities

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  1. Berlin
  2. Krakow
  3. Budapest
  4. Bruges
  5. Dubrovnik
  6. Brussels

Mediterranean coast

Europe spans a huge area between the Arctic and Africa and Asia and the Atlantic. Hotels in cities across Europe provide the base from which to explore this immense region, from its longest river, the Volga, to its highest point, Mt Elbrus, and through its various climates, from sub-tropical to sub-arctic.

rest and relax whilst discovering many different cultures, flavours, sights and sounds.... 

Hotels in some of Europe's biggest and most popular cities are where you can rest and relax whilst discovering the many different cultures, flavours, sights and sounds. Across five loosely defined European regions - Western, Northern, Central, Eastern and Mediterranean Europe - your hotel choice will be crucial to your enjoyment and your experience of all that Europe has to offer, from the Vatican City to the tiny state of Monaco.

Classic European architecture

Hotels in Europe range from the cheapest of cheap hotels to luxury hotels at the height of extravagance, and exist in all areas to suit every taste and pocket.

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