Image of Durham Cathedral sitting prominently over the River Wear

Durham is small yet perfectly formed and not too far from the coast.  Book a stay in a town full of architecture, history and natural beauty for an experience in comfort and impeccable service.

It is one of the oldest university towns in the country, has a cathedral with architecture that outshines many in its class and holds celebrations throughout the year.  Hotels are in great abundance but due to the student population, it is best to book hotels in advance. This is especially so if you are thinking of going to Durham to stay in one of the many hotels in June, when graduation week occurs.

Best of Durham breaks for...
  • Architecture:  The UNESCO World Heritage site of Durham cathedral is third only in religious significance to Canterbury and York, but excels them in architectural splendour. It has been said that it is the finest example of Norman architecture in Europe and there is no doubt of its imposing beauty and incredible interior.
  • History: Durham has an innate sense and feel of history and with Durham Cathedral visible from just about every part of the city, there is a constant reminder of the importance of this northern city.  Another treasure that Durham holds dear is Durham Castle. It was built as a motte-and-bailey fort in 1072 and was the home of the Prince Bishops of Durham.
  • Free and cheap:  Walking through Durham is a delight as not only do you have the great buildings to view on your journey, but there is the River Wear, with its gurgling sounds to soothe you, winding streets, an ancient Market Place and pedestrianised shopping areas.  If beautiful gardens are more to your taste, Crook Hall and Gardens is a 14th century manor house surrounded by very English gardens and feature exotic plants from all over the world.
    Image of Durham Cathedral
  • Family: Taking a trip down the river is a delight you would not want to miss. You can either enjoy it from a river cruiser or get closer to the action by hiring a rowing boat and whisking the family away down the flowing waters.
There are many other cultural delights to be found in and around Durham, and you will be spoiled for choice when choosing a hotel.  The hotels in the city offer a home from home feel and getting a view of the cathedral from your hotel window adds to the splendour of this place as you will really feel you are part of the city.