Tay Bridge

Scotland's fourth largest city, Dundee is not a kilt-clad, bagpipe-playing tourist trap. This bustling metropolis, where the past and the present merge like a beautiful fine-spun tartan, is a great city break location that truly packs a punch and delivers the flavours of bonny Scotland.

Sitting on the River Tay, on the east coast of Scotland, Dundee began life as a fishing village and it bloomed around its river location to become a thriving trading port, where whalers rubbed shoulders with traders of Dundee's famous marmalade and jute - two of the three “js” the city is known for (jam, jute and journalism).

You'll also find that your pound packs a punch in this glorious river city, with hotels in Dundee offering fantastic value for money. You can take your pick from luxury hotels on the waterfront, five-star hideaways in the surrounding countryside of Angus, plus plenty of budget hotels within the city centre. Several well-known chains have properties in the city and its surrounding area. Look for hotels from Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Hilton and Apex City as well as budget brands such as Travelodge and Premier Inn.

Many Dundee hotels are located in the compact central area, and this is the best place to be to have attractions, restaurants and bars close to hand. In the centre of the city you'll find modern hotels, rooms in old inns, charming lodge hotels, quay-side hotels, and a handful of top-class places to stay, where all the finest elements of Scottish hospitality are included.

Many luxury hotels can also be booked on the outskirts of Dundee, from where you can explore the stunning countryside, like Perth which is just a half hour drive away.

Top five attractions

Discovery Point

Journey back in time by 100 years and explore the RRS Discovery, Captain Scott's ship, to discover more about Antarctic expeditions.

HM Frigate Unicorn

Another beauty of Dundee's thriving harbour, this is one of the oldest ships in the world and visitors young and old find something to fascinate here.

Mills Observatory

Clamber up the Law, Dundee's extinct volcano, and stargaze in this super observatory. Or head up there at any time of the day for magnificent views of the surrounding areas.

St Mary's Tower

This striking tower is the only surviving monument to the medieval period in Dundee. Opening hours are limited, so check in advance to secure your visit. You'll find the tower close to Overgate Shopping Centre, one of a handful of places to enjoy the Dundee shopping experience.

Battlefield Live Dundee

Kids - and adults - will be glad they left the computer behind when they visit this entertaining site, which simulates a war zone.


Dundee Comics Expo; March: Dundee is the birthplace of comic-book creations such as Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan, so it's only fitting to have the university host an annual expo dedicated to comics.

Blues Bonanza; June: Blues? In Scotland? Yes indeed, and Dundee hosts a popular musical event every year to showcase some of the best blues performers.

Hogmanay; December: New Year is a very special time for the Scots, and there's always a great party to welcome the next 12 months. Dundee sees a variety of events, including many family-friendly activities.