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On the evening of Tuesday 17 August Flight Options Limited which traded under a number of brand names including Kiss Flights and Flight Options went into administration. Their licence to operate as a tour operator is no longer valid. 

They offered mainly flight only to destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt and the Canary Islands.  The flight seats were sold in the main through travel agents on the high street, internet and by phone with only a small number of seats sold direct to the public. Very few packages were sold by the group; however any travel options such as hotel accommodation that may have been sold by the brands will not be covered by the ATOL licence.
Flights and holidays from Flight Options and Kiss Flights were not featured directly on the website, however a number of online agents that are on our site and who sell flight only and packages, did use the company's services.

As Flight Options and Kiss Flights were a registered under the Civil Aviation Authority ATOL scheme, most passengers will be protected. The CAA website has details online and should be your first point of advice.

UK callers - 0844 571 7262
Overseas callers - 0044 161 444 5811

Around 13,000 customers are overseas at the time of the collapse with around 60,000 holding future bookings that will not now operate.

High profile news items have covered the story since it broke late yesterday, so what should you do if you are a customer of the company?

I am away on a flight or holiday with Flight Options or Kiss Flights - what should I do?
If you are already abroad you should be able to complete your holiday as normal and then return home. The CAA will be arranging for customers overseas to return on flights and you should check in as normal, ensuring you check the CAA website regularly for details of any changes. Your local tour operator representative or the CAA is able to answer any questions you will have regarding this.

If you are encountering problems contact the CAA back in the UK for assistance on 0044 161 444 5811.

What if I am asked to pay again for my flight home?
You should refer yourself to the CAA for help on the number above. Your flights are protected and you should be able to return at no additional cost.

What if my flight from the UK is still to depart?
The CAA has advised that all flights with Flight Options and Kiss Flights departing from the UK before 18:00 British Summer Time on Wednesday 18 August 2010 will take off as normal and tickets will be valid.

All flights after this time will no longer operate and customers will need to apply to the CAA for a refund under the ATOL scheme. If they still wish to travel to their holiday destination they will need to buy new flights and we would advise you to return to your travel agent for assistance.

The refund process will take several weeks and is fairly easy to complete if you have all the necessary paperwork in order. Your travel agent should be able to help you with this, alternatively read the CAA website for full details of how to claim. Claims forms are found here.

What if my agent had created a holiday using a flight only from Flight Options or Kiss Flights?
Your flights are covered under the CAA ATOL scheme and you will be entitled to a refund, follow the procedures above.

If you have separate accommodation booked and still wish to travel you will need to find new flights and pay for those at the market rate. You will only be entitled to claim the price of your original Flight Options or Kiss Flights flight, not the new cost of a replacement flight. However you should consult your travel insurance policy to see if this additional expenditure is covered.

If you wish to cancel your hotel accommodation you will have to pay any necessary cancellation charges. Again check your insurance policy to see if you are covered and speak to your agent who may have sold this to you under their own ATOL licence and will therefore be liable to arrange new flights at their expense.

I had booked accommodation only thought Flight Options or Kiss Flights. Am I covered?
Hotel only bookings are not covered by the ATOL scheme. You should try your card provider if the transaction is over £100 and you paid by Visa debit card or Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards for a refund. Alternatively a good travel insurance with End Supplier Failure will cover your loss subject to an excess.

What are the names of all the companies who were part of the Flight Options Limited Group who will be affected by this failure?Africa Options
America Options
Canada Options
Caribbean Options
Dubai Options
Elgouna Options
Elgouna Villas and Apartments
Flight Options
Florida Options
Florida Owners Club
Golf Options
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