Can you fly with a broken leg?

Last post Fri, Jan 13 2012, 3:13 PM by Alan Bowen. 1 replies.
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  •  Fri, Jan 13 2012, 3:13 PM

    Re: Can you fly with a broken leg?

    Only your doctor can answer this question for you to start with. It depends on the severity of the break and the size of the pot. If you can still move your leg you may still be able to sit in a normal seat, if you are in plaster from your toes to your hip, you are certainly not going to be able to squeeze into a Ryanair seat no matter how much you try. Breakages of themselves do not prevent travel but its a question of logistics, you can' t sit on the front seats or by an exit for safety reasons and they are the ones with the greatest legroom. If you are flying with an airline like BA they will do everything they can to help but speak to your doctor first and get his/her approval and go from there
  •  Thu, Jan 12 2012, 10:39 AM

    Can you fly with a broken leg?


    I recently broken my leg in a riding accident :-( and was wondering if anyone knew if i would still be able to fly?

    I booked a weekend away to Madrid and still really want to go despite the cruches...