Holiday ideas for July 2009

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  •  Mon, Aug 24 2009, 7:16 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009-St. John, US Virgin Islands

    Many thanks for your reply, could you please itell me how I can view the pics?



  •  Fri, Jul 24 2009, 4:26 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009-St. John, US Virgin Islands

    St. John, is ideal for a relaxing vacation. The climate is warm and the beaches are pristine tuquoise with white sand. Here are some pics, Trunk Bay pics.

  •  Wed, Jul 01 2009, 11:03 AM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    Me and my family went to Bol in croatia last August to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and it was fantastic. Croatia is a beautiful country and the weather is great in Jul and August in fact most of the year round. Can't recommend it enough.
  •  Wed, May 27 2009, 10:24 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009


    as for cheap hotels i have always booked thru http://www.hotelpricefinder.com/

    for ideas on travel, i have just returned from cape town. its a superb city and one of the best i have visited. there is so much to see and do and the people are very friendly, eating out is cheap as the pound to the rand is very favourable just now (hotels are not expensive, i paid £320 for 10 nights b/b in a lovely appt. with my own kitchen in a very upmarket part of town as a single traveller). on many of the travel forums they have said be careful when going to south africa, there is many troubles to avoid, cape town, the murder capital of the world, getting robbed on the street, car jacking etc.. etc... but if your careful and not wonder into some of the bad areas, townships or hike up tabel mountain alone (weather changes quickly and you could get into difficulty if you should have an accident) stick to the main areas of cape town as there are loads of safety police on every corner.

    lastly i walked quite a bit around the city on my own and felt 100% safe all of the time. i will be returning to cape town next year for a month for the world cup and can't wait.

    unfortunatly the only down side is that they are in the middle of their winter in july, but you could find cheaper flights at this time of year. saying that you won't find the cheap flights compared to the no frills airlines that fly to europe.

    if you are thinking of europe why not visit germany cologne (koln) it is an unusual destination and germanwings http://www.germanwings.com/index.en.shtml are a no frills airline that depart from edinburgh and stanstead and are very reasonable. koln is a superb city and has much to see.



  •  Wed, May 27 2009, 4:20 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009


    Always would reccommend New York as a holiday destination, and especially for a special occasion. Its a great destination for people of all ages, and it would be a great suprise for your son, i know because i got the suprise of visiting NY from my parents. Enjoy yourself where ever you choose to go to, good luck

    With Regards


  •  Tue, May 19 2009, 12:42 AM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009


    Want a reasonably priced hotel for a 3 night stopover in early july (didn't know it was going to be so hot when I sorted the stopover). The wife fancies a sea view but me I am not that fussed.

    Any suggestions. I would prefer to pay 100-150 GBP per night, if that gets us much in Dubai.

  •  Wed, Jan 28 2009, 8:38 AM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    UK self catering holidays are selling out fast in the popular areas (Devon, Cotswolds), but why not look somewhere less obvious - Snowdonia maybe or the Highlands. These places can be as spectacular as anywhere abroad. We've just found a cottage on the ASSC (Association of Scotlands Self Caterers) website and checked the review on mycottageholiday.co.uk - a cottage in the remote highlands. Will get our teenagers away from the TV, but once in the mountains they wont even think about TV or gameboys!
  •  Sun, Jan 18 2009, 3:03 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    Hi Bayside, I'm in a similar situation with my daughter this summer. My son got an electronic engineering masters last summer and we took him to Tokyo and Kyoto in September. Fabulous trip but a bit warm in Kyoto. Loved all the gadgetry and wackiness contrasted with the cultural temples in Kyoto. My daughter would like to go east too but too rainy/hot for Cambodia/Vietnam areas. Have been looking at where agents recommend for summer holidays and here is what I have found:

    Kenya July-Oct

    Namibia May-Oct

    Ecuador May -Oct

    Peru March - Nov

    Spitsbergen Jun-August

    Amazon all yr round

    Botswana & Soth Africa May - Oct

    Sri Lanka- all yr round

    This is according to steppes travel and when they have trips available but they only do them at best time to travel rather than year round. I'm not suggesting you use them (mega expensive) but it gives you an idea of which areas to consider if you're happy to go beyond Europe.

    My all time favourite destination is Peru.....desert, mountains, ancient civilisations, wildlife and my favourite creatures in the world - llamas and alpacas and even vicunas!

  •  Tue, Dec 30 2008, 3:01 PM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    I would say £3,000 approx
  •  Tue, Dec 30 2008, 10:52 AM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    Dubai in July would be dreadful, it is so hot the locals leave! Unless you like 50.C I recommend you look elsewhere. You need to think what your som would like, probably not surrounded by families which would be the case in southerne Europe, why not try Norway or Switzerland, but its impossible to give you good advice withoiut knowing how much you want to spend
  •  Tue, Dec 30 2008, 1:16 AM

    Re: Holiday ideas for July 2009

    Why not try Dubai...It's up and coming and you definitely won't have any rain or cold days in July. Great beaches, fantastic hotels and so much to do! Let me know if you need any more info... Cheers.
  •  Thu, Dec 11 2008, 9:01 AM

    Holiday ideas for July 2009

    Hi I was wondering whether you could give me any ideas on holidays for July of next year. My son will finish his Masters and we wanted to celebrate with a nice holiday although I don't know where we could go either mainland UK or abroad. Looking forward to any suggestions.