How to take/spend money in USA for 3 months

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  •  Sat, Jan 13 2007, 4:04 PM

    Re: How to take/spend money in USA for 3 months

    Hi Mike,
    Hope this is not to late.
    I have used a Nationwide Flex Account Debit Card for a number of years on many trips to different places including 2 round the world trips and at every location I was able to withdraw cash using in the USA a Bank's ATM that has the Notice on it "NO CHARGE".
    Hotel Lobby ATM's charge around $1.50 to $3 per transaction however the ATM's in the walls on the Bank's themselves if you look closely quite a few do not.

    Every other country that we visited made no charge for using their ATM and Nationwide did not charge us one red cent, also providing an excellent Exchange Rate.

    However you would have to ensure that you have finances in the Flex Account or income going in it to be able to make withdrawls, s no money in then nothing comes out!

    Nationwide Credit Card also has NO COMMISSION on World Wide Transactions but they do charge for Cash withdrawal.

    Hope this helps.
  •  Tue, Oct 03 2006, 10:07 AM

    Re: How to take/spend money in USA for 3 months


    Post Office have just re-launched their credit card range and now offer no foreign loading fees when the card is used for purchases abroad - these are normally 2.75%. Because there is still a fee for cash withdrawals, the best option is to take some dollars with you or use a debit card instead. Make sure you use a debit card that charges a flat fee e.g. £1.50 per withdrawal rather than a percentage fee and only make a few withdrawals.
  •  Tue, Oct 03 2006, 12:16 AM

    How to take/spend money in USA for 3 months

    Hi all,

    I'm planning a three-month trip to the USA, starting in March, and was wondering what the best way to take my money was. As it's such a long period, with large sums involved (around £5,000 spending money), credit card handling fees look like they could take their toll. I was pointed in the direction of the Amex travellers chequs card, but this too has handling fees (I think) if the currency is not sterling. I'm pretty sure setting up a bank account over there is difficult without a permanent address, and I definately don't want to be carrying cash!

    I thought I had found the solution with the Nationwide card, which offers 0% commission on foreign transactions - but even this charges to take money from ATMs, and also requires a monthly income which I won'y have - I'm quitting my current job to go!

    What is the expert's opinion on this matter? I'm guessing some fees will have to be paid, but the question is how small can I make them?

    Thanks in advance,