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  • Re: cheap flights to kenya

    Your reply is 5 years too late, the question dates from 2009
    Posted to Family holidays (Forum) by Alan Bowen on March 6, 2014
  • Re: Credible Travel Agencies

    One of the best and in business for over 40 years is Trailfinders. This type of ticket should not be bought on line, if possible do it in person or at least on the phone. Listen to see if the seller knows what they are talking about, if not go elsewhere. STA are specialists for students and often have fares for students that no one else has, ...
    Posted to Ask an Expert - Travel (Forum) by Alan Bowen on October 17, 2012
  • Re: Traveling to the USA with a criminal record

    Officially if you have a criminal record, and I see it is a recent one, you should apply for a Visa, the details are here on the US Embassy website http://london.usembassy.gov/add_req.html If you do not declare your conviction you could apply on line for an ESTA ($14) and hope the US doesn&#39;t find out. However if they do, they may stop you at ...
    Posted to Ask an Expert - Travel (Forum) by Alan Bowen on September 24, 2012
  • Re: Working abroad travel insurance

    I would start by asking your employers whether they will cover you, I am assuming you actually have a job to go to and not just planning to turn up at Whistler and hope for a job? If you do have a job but there is no cover available then you really do need health insurance as treatment is expensive, not quite at the same levels of the US but not ...
    Posted to Ask an Expert - Travel (Forum) by Alan Bowen on September 11, 2012

    There is usually a one way charge in Europe if you do not return the car to the original point except for a few of the larger operators who can move cars around their fleets so I am not that surprised. Go back and see if you can re create the booking and look at the conditions, many state simply that there are one way fees that will be advised ...
    Posted to Car Hire (Forum) by Alan Bowen on September 4, 2012
  • Re: Western wonder experience - High flyer USA tour by The Holiday Place

    The company is real, it has a CAA ATOL licence for over 20,000 seats a year, so the company itself is legitimate. The company providing the holiday is also legitimate, I have been aware of it for about 4 years but there are a few matters that do seem strange. The price is simply too low and I searched the suppliers website and it doesn&#39;t show ...
    Posted to Long Haul (Forum) by Alan Bowen on August 26, 2012
  • Re: NO credit card car hire

    Sorry for your predicament but CC are generally required worldwide by car hire companies, a few make an exception in the UK with debit cards but that is due to our banking system rather than anything else. Having looked there are only 2non Europewide providers of car hire at the airport Citer which is nationwide and TT Services that may be local, ...
    Posted to Car Hire (Forum) by Alan Bowen on June 15, 2012
  • Re: Munich to Zell Am See (Austria) - cheapest and easiest way?

    Cheapest will be by train, between 3h20m and 4h each way, booked 3 months in advance for around 20 euros each way, have a look at www.bahn.de and change the language to English! It may be faster to book a mini bus transfer but the cost is a lot more around 500 Euros return! You do save an hour or so of course!
    Posted to Transfers (Forum) by Alan Bowen on May 30, 2012
  • Re: West coast USA road trip

    Far too much travelling for 12 days, you are running a marathon and will see very little on the way. Are your flights booked yet, if not consider flights to California as they tend to be cheaper because there is a lot more competition on direct flights. Avoid connections if you can, this adds 4 hours or so to the journey and you will be wrecked ...
    Posted to Holidays (Forum) by Alan Bowen on May 28, 2012
  • Re: Greece holiday - should I be worried?

    No, don&#39;t worry. There is no trouble at all outside of Athens, the Greeks are revolting, again, and may vote in another disaster of a government who won&#39;t take sufficent action to avoid a default which may lead to the end of the Euro in Greece. However this won&#39;t happen overnight, Euros will still be legal currency across Europe and ...
    Posted to Ask an Expert - Travel (Forum) by Alan Bowen on May 23, 2012
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