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Currency cards

Offering credit card to be used

A great alternative to taking cash or travellers' cheques plus helps you control your spending whilst you are away.

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Using cards abroad

Using credit card machine

What you need to be aware of if you are planning to use your card abroad or withdraw cash.

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Travel money guide

Coins notes and credit cards

Know what travel money options are available and how to make your money go further, no matter how soon you travel.

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Credit cards

Pile of various credit cards

Check out our overseas spending credit cards and avoid being caught out by hefty transaction fees whilst abroad.

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Travel money jargon buster

Various currency coins

With so many travel money options available we have compiled a glossary of terms to help you tackle the jargon in the travel money world.

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Send money abroad

Exchange rate comparison board

Compare and save money with our highly competitive exchange rates when transferring money to and from the UK.

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