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Budget beating prices on all exclusive holidays from £235pp

Compare the best all-inclusive deals

All-inclusive holidays are a popular option for savvy spenders. Not only do they allow you to budget for the bulk of your holiday before you even board the plane, but once you've factored in the cost of extras on a self-catering break - such as food, drink and entertainment - they can actually work out cheaper in many destinations. 

So, get away for less in style on an all-inclusive break.

Why go all-inclusive?

If you've never been on an all-inclusive holiday before and want to know what all of the fuss is about, read on to find out.


Price - Although all-inclusive holidays tend to be more expensive than self-catering or hotel only breaks, if you shop around you can find some very affordable packages. And once the cost of buying food, drink and entertainment has been factored in to a holiday, they can actually be the cheapest option.


Budgeting - Knowing that you have already paid for your holiday in full before you even set off can really help you to keep costs down - especially in family groups. All you need to save for in the run up to your break is some spending money for in the airport, any transport or extra activity costs and cash for any souvenirs you wish to buy.


They are ideal for families and groups - All-inclusive holidays can be very sociable breaks as you and the kids can mix and meet new people without worrying about how you will pay for everything. The chances are you'll meet groups of like-minded people too.


There are all-inclusive holidays for everyone - Whether you are after a bargain-basement all-in holiday in Benidorm or a luxurious five-star spa break in the Maldives, there will be an all-inclusive holiday to suit your budget and taste.


And all-inclusive breaks are everywhere - You'll find all-inclusive holidays in top destinations worldwide with family favourites Greece and Spain joining the more established hotspots of Egypt and Turkey in the last couple of years. And in countries where the cost of living is high, they are sometimes the only practical and affordable option.


There's so much to do - Whether you enjoy taking part in organised games, watching entertainment in the evenings or getting involved in beach activities, you'll more than likely find that your hotel includes activities for you in the all-inclusive rate. Why not try something new without the worry of how much it will cost?


Cruises can be all-inclusive too - Many cruise holidays are all-inclusive apart from drinks, so if you fancy sailing away for your next trip without the worry of budgeting for all of the extras that soon add up, this could be the best option for you.


So, how can you find these breaks? Simply fill in your dates and preferences in the search box on the left then filter your results to show all-inclusive holidays only. You'll find holidays on offer in both long and short-haul destinations.

Before you book, check what is and isn't included in your all-inclusive rate to find the best package for you. Then sit back and relax, and look forward to your holiday.

Who do all-inclusive holidays suit?

Considering an all-inclusive break but don't know if it's quite you? Find out who they suit here.

If you are the type of person who gets carried away with spending on meals out, drinks and snacks while you are away, an all-inclusive holiday might suit you. Or, alternatively, you may just prefer to budget for the bulk of your trip before you even board the plane. Either way, all-inclusive holidays are a great way for you to cap what you spend while you are on a break leaving you to relax without the worry of returning to piles of bills.

Families with children who are eager to try all sorts of different activities while they are on holiday will enjoy all-inclusive breaks as there are often plenty of entertainment options included. And not only will the kids be happy while they are learning new skills, you won't have to worry about paying out for an ice-cream here or a can of pop there.

As most of your holiday costs will be paid before you go away, you won't have to worry about exchanging and carrying around lots of foreign currency either.

What do all-inclusive holidays include?

All-inclusive holidays are a popular way to travel but what does the price of them actually include?

All-inclusive holidays are an extremely popular way to travel at the moment as they allow you to pay for the bulk of your break before you go away. But what do you actually get for your money on all-inclusive trips?

Companies such as Thomson offer different levels of all-inclusive packages from those aimed at families, to couples to ultra-luxurious packages. What you get for your money does vary, so check what is included before you book.
Generally, you will get the majority of the items listed below in all-inclusive packages:

  • Flights

  • Accomodation

  • Transfers

  • Food - usually a minimum of three meals a day

  • Snacks and ice-creams, although charges may be made for adhoc items such as chocolate, crisps and sweets

  • Drinks - often unlimited local alcoholic and soft drinks with an exra charge for international beer, wine and spirits

  • Use of hotel facilities such as the pool, gym and even the spa at certain hotels - although individual treatments often incur an extra charge

  • Kids' clubs and activities

  • Babysitting services

  • Evening entertainment as well as organised activities during the day

  • Watersports and other activities depending on your hotel's facilities - you may be charged extra for certain sports

To find the best holiday for you, check what is included in each individual deal and property you are considering and what you will have to pay extra for.

All-inclusive holidays are on offer in a huge range of hotels including three, four and five-star properties, and in accommodation that is family, couple or group-friendly. So whether you are looking for the ultimate treat in a luxury hotel or a value for money break, you'll find some great offers.

All-inclusive family holidays

More and more of us are concentrating on getting the most from our holiday budgets. So why are all-inclusive holidays so great for families?

More and more of us are focusing on getting greater value from our holidays. And families looking to control costs are booking all-inclusive breaks in increasing numbers to ensure they get the best holiday for them without breaking the bank.

So why are all-inclusive deals such a popular choice with savvy families?

The answer is simple: you get a great choice of food and drink, lots of entertainment from games for the most discerning tot through to evening activities for adults and, often, even the little things that can soon add up - such as ice creams and activities - are included in the price too.

All-inclusive family holidays are available in destinations all over the globe, from popular European resorts through to long-haul destinations.

Turkey, Greece, Spain, the Spanish islands of the Canaries and Balearics, and Portugal offer the widest choice of all-inclusive hotels and resorts. However, the Red Sea resorts in Egypt, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus, Morocco and Tunisia all offer great choice for those looking for something a little different.

For families after a long-haul break, the Spanish Caribbean is a cost-effective way of keeping holiday costs down with Cuba and the Dominican Republic offering great deals as well as the Mexican resorts of the Cancun area.

Goa, the Cape Verde islands and the Gambia all offer value-led deals for more adventurous families or you could consider splashing the cash and heading to Thailand with new all-inclusive holidays from First Choice being launched in November 2013. Alternatively, fly to the Maldives for a tropical island getaway.

Another all-inclusive holiday idea is a family-friendly cruise. With many catering for children of all ages, it's a great option for keeping control of food and drink costs. And children of all ages will be entertained with a huge range of activities on board to fill the time as well as new ports to visit each day.

How to get a great all-inclusive family holiday deal

  1. Always check what is included and excluded in your food and drink package. Many hotels will only include local beers, spirits and soft drinks while premium brands will cost extra. Keep an eye out for costs such as ice creams, room service and snacks which may also be extra.

  2. Do you have to pay for activities? Again check what is included within the cost of your trip. Some activities may cost extra such as watersports or excursions. Children's clubs are usually complimentary along with some babysitting services but double check before you book.

  3. With so many hotels now offering spa services, be aware that these are usually at an additional cost. You may only get complimentary access to the sauna and steam room with treatments all costing you extra.

  4. Even though you are staying in all-inclusive accommodation, the use of hotel wifi may well be charged. Ensure you know this before logging in on your mobile, laptop or tablet.