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From boozy tours to holidays nostalgia, these articles aim to bring even more joy into your travel research!

Cheap eats: Our most popular European city breaks ranked by the cost of a meal for two

The cost of a bargain package deal may not always reflect the prices in town. So, we crunched the numbers to reveal the cheapest meals for two across our most popular European city breaks. Buon appetito!

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What’s in a name? These are the origins of your favourite places' names

Ever wondered how America got its name? Or why they call it Budapest? We've done some digging to discover the etymologies of ten famous destinations. Some might surprise you!

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What it’s like to travel as a vegan

Veganism is on the rise, but is it easy abroad? To celebrate World Vegan Month, we sat down with former Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson, for the lowdown on what it's really like to travel vegan.

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Play it by beer: Our 15 most popular city breaks ranked by the price of a pint

We looked at our most popular city breaks to work out which is the cheapest place for a pint – and where to find the best beers. Cheers!

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10 hotels loved by celebrities

One major perk of being an A-lister? The opportunity to stay in some of the world's best hotels. But now you can, too - thanks to our guide to the hottest celebrity hangouts.

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The world’s top celebrity-owned hotels

The latest must-have accessory for any self-respecting A-lister? Hotels. We’ve found 12 of the best celebrity-owned stays which tick all the boxes.

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Is there a north/south holiday divide?  

The north/south divide is a constant source of debate in Britain, but does it include holidays? The results might shock you!

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