8 awesome hotel pools

January 2, 2019

For the cream of the world’s hotels, a swimming pool isn’t just somewhere to cool off on a sunny day. It’s a focal point: a point of difference and a statement of style.

From the world’s largest hotel pool to one with a central aquarium surging with carnivorous sharks (don’t worry – read on), each of these incredible watery attractions is worth checking in for alone.

1. Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas

At first glance, a pretty pool in a pretty hotel. Look closely however and it becomes clear that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Las Vegas resort.

As well as poker and slots, as well as the lights and the shows, something else lurks in the deeps of the Golden Nugget.

Look carefully and you can see the salt-water aquarium lying in the centre of the pool, which houses a variety of large, carnivorous sharks. Not only that – there is also a clear waterslide that snakes its way through the shark infested aquarium.

2. Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

The Hotel Chocolat, owned and branded by the same Hotel Chocolat that make luxury chocolates, boasts these incredible views from their quartz-tile-lined pool.

In the foreground, the lush leaves of the forest struggle for your attention against the majestic mountain backdrop.

Now your favourite chocolatiers can not only lay claim to some of the best chocolate in the world, but also one of the most high-class swimming pools on the planet.

3. San Alfonso del Mar Algarrobo, Chile

For most Western tourists, Chile isn’t famous for much – unfortunate con carne puns not withstanding. However, as this pool demonstrates, the rewards for exploration are great. The pool at the San Alfonso del Mar is of such a scale that sailing, paddling and even windsurfing are possible.

When night falls and the sea, lapping at the beach only a few yards away, gets too cold for comfort, the glass pyramid crowning the pool makes it a most majestic option.

4. Four Seasons, Costa Rica

One thing that sets a number these pools apart from pretenders is the presence of a staggering view.

On that front, the pool at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica is undeniably well ahead of the pack.

The infinity pool at the Four Seasons seems to flow into the ether, seemingly brushing against the oceans, islands, coast and all that lies beyond.

On a warm, sunlit day, the combination of serenity and awe brings this pool to the pinnacle of greatness.

5. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland

There are a number of things that put the Blue Lagoon into a league of its own. Firstly, it is the only pool on our list to be surrounded by a thick, fresh layer of snow.

Secondly, it isn’t manmade. 

The place resembles something from a fantasy land, replete with snow, steam and rustic wooden bridges. The bleak, desolate and utterly beautiful surroundings serve only to propel this resort far and above many more typical settings.

6. The Joule Hotel, Dallas

The Joule Hotel sits ten stories above central Dallas, and its pool is remarkable not only for adding beauty to an otherwise drab looking building, but more so for its views over the town.

The pool itself juts out from the building, extending eight feet over the sidewalk, offering guests a completely unique pool experience.

You may not be able to view all that nature has to offer, but the novelty of seeing a working city from a pool is something offered by very few.

7. Harbour Grand, Hong Kong

Without doubt, this is another example of the amazing views you can take in while relaxing in a hotel swimming pool.

The Harbour Grand sits in Hong Kong’s bustling Victoria Harbour and offers simply astounding views of the bay, of the buildings and of the mountainous countryside beyond.

The weather may not hit the perfect conditions that so often grace some of the more exotic pools on this list, but for location, for city views, for mountain views and for bay views the Harbour Grand delivers without fault.

8. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Credit: Marina Bay Sands

It is arguable that the Marina Bay Sands belongs higher on this list. It is arguable that the views from the top of this 55 story hotel are more impressive city views than either the Joule or the Harbour Grand.

In fact, while the above picture captures the thrill of the night, it is difficult to illustrate just how far one can see – just how incredible it is to be there.

While lacking a poolside bar, a mountainous backdrop and a bikini-leaden beach to gaze across, it is without doubt one of the world’s premier pools.

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