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Don’t end up a “beer corpse” – how to survive Oktoberfest


Feeling steady on your legs? We’re a few days into Oktoberfest 2014, in all its Bavarian beer-filled glory – the revelry continues until October 5.

So if you’re off to Munich to pay homage to the revered beverage – or are considering it for next year – read our survival guide to the great Lederhosen-clad knees-up.

Where’s my tent?

Fourteen big – very big – beer tents await at Oktoberfest, giving visitors the delightful headache of deciding which to choose. Each tent seats between 4,000 and 11,000 people and has its own distinct flavour – just like the beer. Among them are:

Ein Bier, bitte! ( A beer, please!)

The last thing you want from your Oktoberfest visit is to end up as a “Bierleiche” – a beer corpse. Despite the ocean of beer swallowed during the festival, Oktoberfest is about enjoying the amber nectar in moderation. A few tips for staying vertical:

Don’t forget your goat-hair hat 

Almost everyone at Oktoberfest dresses up in traditional Bavarian costume – albeit with the odd attention-grabbing variation these days.

So ladies, don your Dirndl, and guys – it’s obviously lederhosen. Men especially should think of adding a hat – preferably with a tuft of goat hair in the rim (traditionally a sign of wealth – the price of goats these days!).

The Wurst that could happen

With all the beer swigging, you’re going to need something to soak it up. Here are some pickings from the feast:

Don’t let it ALL hang out

Precautions are all the more important at a festival more or less devoted to beer.

What’s the Bavarian for “Cheers!”?


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