A wild weekend in Warsaw

Philippa Mander is a 30-year-old nurse from London and one of our official ‘Travel Taste Makers’. She tells us why she planned a weekend break in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, with her sister earlier this year.

Why did you decide to go there?

Simply because we both had a free weekend and Warsaw seemed like an interesting place to explore – packed full of rich, cultural activities to enjoy.

What did you do? 

We strolled around the Old Town, taking in all of the sights on offer, visiting the majestic palace and exploring the Botanical Gardens. We also took a tour of the famous theatre and visited the newly opened Polish Jewish Museum.

What is the food like?

The food in Warsaw can cater for anyone, whether you want to go to the expensive tourist traps or the traditional milk bars. We much preferred these milk bars which were a taste of a time gone by and very cheap.

Are there any good restaurants?

Do you have any tips about how you can fit in with the locals?

If you can try and learn a few words in Polish, no matter how hard it is, it will go a long way.

Are there any cultural activities that you’d recommend?

The temporary exhibition at the Jewish Polish Museum is well worth a visit, even if it is just for the magnificent architecture of the building.

How about the nightlife?

Although the most popular spot for nightlife is usually around the centre of the main city, we preferred the bars near the university as they had more of a relaxed, easy-going vibe. We particularly liked Cava where the cocktails were delicious.

What’s the one thing you’d recommend doing in Warsaw that people might not know about?

Explore the Old Town at night; the skyline comes to life! I’d also recommend walking to the Europe Square to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – it was a very moving experience.

Where are you going next?

Malawi, I hope.

So, has this tempted you to visit Warsaw? If you need further encouragement, TravelSupermarket’s Bob Atkinson explains why it’s a great city to visit: “Warsaw is a vibrant city which is opening its arms to foreign visitors looking to experience its eclectic mix of contemporary art and medieval landmarks. Its relatively cheap cost of living and low-cost flights from the UK are making the Polish capital an appealing choice for a long weekend city break.

“For music lovers, the annual Orange Warsaw Festival in June is attracting local as well as international acts. This year’s headliners, The Kings of Leon and David Guetta, have already started drawing attention from younger revellers looking to try something new.”


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