Ryanair flight cancellations: what to do if you've been affected

August 10, 2018

Ryanair has cancelled a number of summer flights due to expected strike action accross Europe.

As a result, some 50,000 passengers are believed to have been affected across a total of 400 flights.

The strike action will take place accross five countries, with pilots citing working conditions and pay as the reason.

Ryanair cancelled my flight – what are my rights?

So far, Ryanair has stated that the majority of those passengers affected have been "accommodated on another Ryanair flight".

If you are still waiting to be contacted by Ryanair, you have two options: change your cancelled flight (for free) to another Ryanair flight, or ask for a refund. You can find more information about these options here.

Am I entitled to compensation as a result of Ryanair’s actions?

When it comes to strike action, the issue of compensation can be confusing. Usually, airlines are not obliged to pay compensation as it is deemed to be ‘extraordinary circumstances', and therefore outside of the airline's control.

However, speaking about similar strikes on July 20, the Civil Aviation Authority claimed that passengers do have the right to seek compensation under EU legislation as the strikes were caused by the airline’s staff and not a third party (for example, air traffic control).

“We note that the recent industrial action is not by Ryanair's UK employees, but it is the view of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, taking account of previous Court rulings, that when a flight cancellation is caused by strike action by the airline's employees, the airline is required to pay compensation to passengers in respect of the cancellation of the flight, if it has not warned passengers of the cancellation at least two weeks prior to the scheduled time of departure.

“In the case of the most recent industrial action involving Ryanair, passengers must first submit their claim to the airline and if they are not satisfied with the response, they can seek redress via the approved Alternative Dispute Resolution service," said the CAA.

The amount of compensation you can claim depends on the length of the delay and the distance of travel. You may be entitled to:

This is in addition to a refund or a rearranged flight.

For more information about flight compensation, your rights, and how to make a claim, have a read of our dedicated flight delay compensation article.

Is my Ryanair flight cancelled?

Although Ryanair should email you directly if you have been affected, you can find out here if your flight has been cancelled.


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