Premier Inn T4 Heathrow Hotel

Relax the night before you fly in an airport hotel

Hassle-free flexibility Hassle-free flexibility

It’s easy to change your booking if your plans have to change.

Fast, free, friendly support Fast, free, friendly support

Our UK call centre is ready to help you.

Don’t break the bank Don’t break the bank

Holiday Extras saved more than one million customers £100* each in 2019!

Save up to 70%* on airport parking Save up to 70%* on airport parking

Pre-booking can save you £££ against on-the-day prices.

Hassle-free flexibility

Airport Lounge
Give yourself a hassle-free start to your holiday and relax in a secluded lounge, away from the crowded terminal, while taking advantage of complimentary drinks and snacks, magazines, and newspapers. Available at airports across the UK.

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Fast, free, friendly support

Fast Track
Why not beat the time queueing before you reach your departure gate by booking Fast Track passes? Fly through security by stepping into the VIP Fast Track lane and we’ll have you on your way in no time.

Skip the queue
Don’t break the bank

Covid Secure
Our parking, hotel and lounge suppliers have introduced a whole host of measures designed to make your journey as safe and contact-free as possible. Look out for the covid-secure icon when booking.

Covid Secure