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The ancient city of Dhaka isn’t just the Bangladeshi capital, it’s a great sprawling mass of buzzing, thronging, noise-making wonder that forms a giant gateway to this colourful and fascinating country. Book a flight to Dhaka and prepare to have your senses well and truly awakened.

Besides the mosques and lively street markets, Dhaka has a lot more to offer visitors...

Dhaka, the colourful capital of Bangladesh, is known as the City of Mosques and Muslin. There are some 300 mosques in the city, many of which are wonderfully ornate, and muslin of the highest quality is produced and sold here in great quantities. A truly ancient city with a wealth of historic sites to explore, it is also close to some of the world's most impressive national parks, where visitors can see Bengal Tigers and other animals in their natural habitat. The city's Botanical Gardens are also a must-see, the zoo is a popular destination for families, and the Ahsin Manzil Palace (aptly nicknamed the Pink Palace) makes a terrific photo opportunity.

On arrival in the centre of the city, visitors will immediately be struck by the sheer abundance of breath-taking mosques. Other interesting sites that merit a visit include the city's Liberation War Museum, which tells the story of Bangladesh's bloody battle for independence in the 1970s.

Lalbagh Fort is another point of interest for anyone with a fascination for military history.

Whether you’re travelling to Dhaka for work or pleasure or a combination of the two, it is well worth setting aside at least a few days to explore all that this vast city has to offer. It can take a day or so to become accustomed to it as the sheer size and bustle mean that Dhaka can be daunting at first. However, it’s well worth taking the time to get to know this fascinating place.

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Flight time

11 hrs 20 mins

(from London)


Bangladeshi taka (৳)



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