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We go further to bring you the widest choice of travel deals, including cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Edinburgh. So why go to this city by the sea in Croatia? Well, if romance, history, a lively café culture and dramatic scenery rank highly on your list of short-break musts, Dubrovnik is a sure-fire hit.

It also takes only three hours and 20 minutes, on average, to fly from Edinburgh Airport (EDI) to Dubrovnik Airport (DBV), on one of the direct flights operated by Jet2.

The Old Town – the centre of tourist activity in Dubrovnik – is easy to access from the airport. A taxi journey will get you there in around 25 minutes at a cost close to 200 Croatian kuna (£23).

There’s also a shuttle bus service operated by Atlas. One-way tickets cost 40 Croatian kuna or 70 kuna for a return (around £4.50/£7.90). There are two drop-off points: at Pile Gate bus station and Gruz bus station.

For easy access to nearby beaches and other parts of Croatia, consider booking car hire in Dubrovnik. With cheap rates and the freedom to explore, car rental is an extra that is well worth considering.

Your glamourous getaway is almost complete. Visit our hotels in Dubrovnik page for the lowdown on the chic accommodation scene in this upmarket destination.

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Flight time

3 hrs 50 mins

(from London)


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