The Weird Things Lost in UK Airports

We’ve all been there: that facepalm moment in the taxi as you’re leaving the airport when you realise you’ve left your duty-free shopping in the overhead locker. Or perhaps your Kindle is still safely tucked away in the pocket of seat 32A – now how are you going to find out what happens to Christian Grey?

The treasure trove of lost and found items at airports across the UK extends far beyond the usual suspects such as phones, sunglasses and headphones. Obviously it’s annoying to lose these, but it’s easily done – not so easy to lose are the entire roll of carpet which someone left behind at Heathrow last year, or the fishing rod and microwave oven! Presumably they weren’t carry-on items…

It seems there are some very forgetful people waiting for their flights at UK airports who are sprinkling a quirky assortment of effects along the way. From expensive watches and piles of cash to pieces of artwork and a bottle of holy water, the lost and found desk is an Aladdin’s Cave of wonders! 



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