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With a “new” Old Town, the mighty Vistula River running through its heart and an eclectic approach to live music, the Polish capital of Warsaw offers a different look at this fascinating country. Book cheap flights to Warsaw from Newcastle Airport (NCL) and find out what makes this welcoming city tick.

There are two airports within easy reach of the city: Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), the main international airport, and Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI), favoured by low-cost airlines.

Ryanair operates twice-weekly direct flights from Newcastle to Warsaw Modlin Airport, with an average journey time of two hours and 30 minutes.

A number of good-value transport options serve passengers arriving into both Chopin and Modlin airports.

If you’ve booked a cheap fare direct to Modlin from Newcastle, you can make savings on airport transfers too. Book a seat on the ModlinBus express shuttle as far in advance as possible and make big savings on the last-minute price. You can, for example, buy an advance fare from around 9 Polish zloty (a couple of pounds); leave it until you arrive and the price can rocket to 30-40 zloty (up to £8). It pays to be a savvy travel planner.

If you’re travelling in a group or with a young family and you haven’t pre-booked cheap seats on the handy shuttle service, taxi fares aren’t excessive. You will spend from 119 zloty (£23) for the door-to-door convenience of a cab.

Alternatively, if you plan to travel outside of the central sightseeing core of the city (where your feet will get you around with ease), consider booking car hire in Warsaw.

Old Town? New Town? Close to Theatre Square? Baffled about where to stay in Warsaw? Don’t be daunted, simply hop over to our hotels in Warsaw page and compare the best available deals.

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