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Venezuela is a South American country with stunning mountains, tropical rainforest, unspoilt savannahs and the longest Caribbean beach in the world. Flights to Venezuela bring you to a part of the world that demands to be seen and experienced.

With a rich heritage and lots to do and see, this country makes a fascinating holiday destination...

Venezuela is a largely undiscovered tourist destination. It's famous for its former president, Hugo Chavez, and the military leader Simon Bolívar, who helped to set Latin America free from Spanish rule along with José de San Martín. The country is also known for its rich oil reserves.

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and has a wide variety of shops, entertainment venues, salsa clubs, restaurants and historical locations. There are many festivals and art events and a baseball stadium.

As well as the rainforest, you can visit the mountains of the Andes and flat-topped hills called tepuis and explore the wildlife of the jungles, savannah and the Amazon River. In Canaima National Park you’ll find Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. You could also take a safari tour in Los Llanos, where you can see jaguars, caiman and anaconda.

Activities for the adventurous include hiking, paragliding, windsurfing and scuba diving in lovely surroundings. Los Roques is a popular destination for diving because of the beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

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Flight time

9 hrs 30 mins

(from London)


Venezuelan bolívar soberano (Bs.S. or Bs.)