Five reasons to visit the Maldives

Last week, as part of his latest BBC series Indian Ocean, Simon Reeve took viewers to Kenya and the Horn of Africa while this Sunday sees the television presenter travelling from the up-and-coming tourist destination of Oman, through to the bustling home of Bollywood, Mumbai, and on to the dream holiday destination of the Maldives.

Ahead of Sunday’s episode, we’ve come up with five reasons to visit the Maldives to whet your appetite.

For the luxury

From top-class accommodation such as stilted water villas and suites on the beach to fine dining and top-notch spas; if you want luxury, you’ll certainly find it in this group of islands in the Indian Ocean.

For the beaches

It’s possible to completely relax on the Maldives’ beautiful white-sand beaches. There’s no fighting for a spot of sand on these secluded islands and the picture-perfect clear seas and palm-fringed sands really have to be seen to be believed.

For the romance

These tropical coral islands tick all of the boxes for a romantic break – seclusion, luxury, beautiful scenery, the wow factor and spas – and are a popular choice for honeymoons and weddings. So, if you are looking for a destination to impress that someone special, look no further.

For the brightly-coloured underwater life

Whether you are a seasoned diver or want to learn, or if you love to snorkel, the varied and colourful underwater world in the Maldives is breath-taking. Look for manta rays, barracuda, turtles and sharks – and thousands of other brightly-coloured fish.

For the weather

Temperatures remain between 25 and 30C throughout the year in the Maldives so the islands are a great destination for some much-needed sun. April tends to be the hottest month and, if you want to avoid the chance of rain, visit between December and April.


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