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Australia is immensely popular with British holidaymakers, despite being more than 10,000 miles from the UK. So you’ll find a number of flights to major airports in all six Australian states, all year round.

More carriers fly to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth than anywhere else in the country, especially during the UK winter months when these parts of Australia are hot and sunny. However, in such a vast country there’s always good weather somewhere, and cities such as Darwin in the north are at their most pleasant during July and August.

Really cheap Australia flights don't exist, unfortunately. But you can still save money if you book in advance and shop around. Comparing dates is a good place to start. Airfares vary tremendously depending on when you want to travel, so flying to Sydney for New Year is more expensive than giving the fireworks a miss and seeing the city in October.

The Australian winter (British summer) is also cheaper, and if you're going for a month or more it can make sense to pick up a more affordable late winter flight and wait for the weather to warm up.

Comparing routes is another good way to find cheap flights, since most national airlines offer better deals with stopovers in their own country. And remember, return tickets almost always cost less. So even if you’re flying home from a different airport, check out multi-city deals rather than booking one-way flights.

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