Why savvy travellers go on holiday in May

April 19, 2018

Looking to get away for less? May could be your month this year. The weather’s starting to hot up all over Europe, you’ve got two bank holidays to play with and it’s much cheaper to travel than in the peak summer months – for example, recent TravelSupermarket research found that a week in the sun in July can cost almost double the price of a week in May.

And savvy families who are tied to the school holidays can make significant savings by going away over the May half term, rather than the summer holidays, too.

Here we reveal the staggering savings you can make by visiting our top 10 most-searched beach destinations earlier this year. So, get ready to beat the crowds and bag a bargain.

1.      Costa Dorada, Spain

If you fancy golden sands, theme park adventures and fresh seafood, consider the Costa Dorada this year. And temperatures are rising on Spain’s Catalan coast in May with highs around 22C on average and nine hours of sun a day.

What’s the average price difference? When we looked, the average cost of a seven-night package holiday to Salou on the Costa Dorada was £242pp in May, compared with £479pp in July – that’s almost double the price!

2.     Costa Brava, Spain

Head to one of Spain’s first package holiday destinations for sun, a rugged coastline and a taste of traditional Spain. And in May there are temperature highs in the 20s and an average of nine hours of sunshine daily.

What’s the average price difference? It’s a lot cheaper to hit the Costa Brava on a package holiday in May than in July. When we looked, the average cost of a seven-night package break was £247pp in May, compared with £384pp in July. That’s around 55% more expensive.

3.      Antalya, Turkey

The gateway to the Turkish Riviera, holidays in Antalya offer everything from history to sunbathing on spectacular beaches and a great range of hotels. And in May, average highs of 26C and 11 hours of sunshine a day make it seem even more appealing.

What’s the average price difference? May is the cheapest summer month to visit while August is the most expensive  - £367pp on average in May compared to £536pp for a seven-night holiday in August, making it up to 46% more expensive to go during the peak season.

4.      Dubai, UAE

Glitzy emirate Dubai doesn’t do things by halves and, if you’re after luxury, beaches and super-sized attractions, this is the place for you. And one thing you can almost guarantee - on a  Dubai holiday is sunshine. In fact, the peak summer months can be downright oppressive (we’re talking highs in the 40s). Go in May and you’ll get a much more pleasant, though still hot, average of 31C along with an average of 11 hours of sunshine a day – not bad.

What’s the average price difference? Some sensational deals are up for grabs this May, and there’s a whopping 45% difference between average holiday prices in May and July, the most expensive month of the summer (£440pp compared to £638pp).

5.      Orlando, Florida

The theme-park capital of the world is a hugely popular summer destination, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. So, if you’re yearning to visit Mickey and co combined with lots of fun in the sun, consider different times of the year to get the best price. In May, for example, there’s an average of 10 hours of sunshine a day, with maximum daytime temperatures of 31C, and average minimum temperatures being a pleasant 18C.

What’s the average price difference? When we looked, it cost 44% more, on average to travel to Orlando in July when compared to May (£648pp vs £449pp).

6.      Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Whether you want to party, escape the crowds or go on a family adventure, sunny, bohemian Ibiza will have something up its sleeve for you. And the weather (and parties) start to hot up in May with around 12 hours of sunshine a day and average highs in the 20s.

What’s the average price difference? Head to Ibiza in May rather than August to benefit from some significant savings. For example, when we looked, it cost 44% more to travel in August than May (£576pp on average compared to £399pp).

7.     Zante,  Greece  

Treat yourself to a taste of Greek hospitality for a fraction of the price on the most southerly Ionian Island. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches, including the famous Navagio Beach, active pursuits such as hiking and scuba diving, and relaxation in stunning surrounds. In terms of weather, Zante simmers away nicely in May with average highs of 23C and around 10 hours of sunshine.

What’s the average price difference? Average costs of £355pp in May vs £508pp in August reveal a difference of 43%.

8.      Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote is popular as a sunshine holiday destination but dig a little deeper and your holiday could also contain trips to volcanic craters, vineyards and white-washed towns. The weather isn’t bad, either. Expect average highs of around the 25C mark and long sunny days with around 10 hours of sunshine.

What’s the average price difference? We bet you fall a little bit harder in love with Lanzarote when you see May’s prices. For example, when we looked, the average price in August, the most expensive summer month, was £570pp compared to £402pp in May – that’s 42% more.

9.      Menorca, Balearic Islands

This quiet Balearic Island has plenty to shout about – but it doesn’t really, so it’s less crowded than its neighbours. Come for more beaches than on Majorca and Ibiza combined, history and some precious quiet time. And in May, average high temperatures hover around 22C and you can expect around nine hours of sunshine a day.

What’s the average price difference? When we looked, the average price of package holidays in August were 39% more than those in those in May (averages of £612pp in August compared to £440pp in May).

10.      Majorca, Balearic Islands

Last but not least, Majorca is always one of the most popular summer destinations on TravelSupermarket due to its great weather, cosmopolitan capital Palma and beaches galore. In May expect average high temperatures of around 23C and around 12 hours of sunshine a day.

What’s the average price difference? It could cost you up to 38% more to visit Majorca in August compared to May this year according to our research – average prices in May came in at £355pp vs £490pp in August.

Please note: All package holiday savings were correct on April 4, 2018 and are based on monthly average prices in 2018 on TravelSupermarket. 

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