A guide to van hire rental advice and tips

When you plan and pick up your van rental it is really important that you ensure everything is taken care of in advance. Every company will have slightly different conditions and rules, so it is vital that you are aware of all items when you book. Read our tips to help you on your way.

1. Plan, plan, plan

Before you even start getting cheap van hire prices, estimate how much you need to move around by van and how much it may weigh. It is vital that you get this right, as you could be overpaying rental costs for a van that is far too big for your needs or end up with something that is far too small and will mean you have to make many trips.

Vans vary in size from a small van up to a Luton van as well as pick ups or tippers. If you are moving heavy items a van with a tailgate lift may well be better to help you with loading and unloading.

2. Compare like with like

When comparing van hire prices, ensure you know what is included and what is excluded. Insurance can vary dramatically, so check what you are covered for with each supplier and don’t assume that a cheap rental quote will include all the elements you need.

Compare like with like and always go for unlimited mileage deals where you can. Ensure that you read the full terms and conditions before committing your booking and always you pay by credit card if the transaction is over £100 in value in case your van hire supplier should go out of business.

3. Check the documents

When you go to pick up your rental van, check all of the documentation carefully. Beware of any extras that you are being sold and only agree to any you actually need.

4. What to take with you

Take your driving licence with you – this must be both your photo and paper licence. You will also need a credit card for your excess deposit and most companies also ask for a current utility bill to show your home address.

5. Check your vehicle

Before you drive away, check the vehicle inside and outside for any damage, as this should be detailed on your agreement. Also ensure that the van’s mileage is correct and check the fuel level. Make sure that you know what to do if the van breaks down or you have an accident – the last thing you will want to be worrying about is finding the emergency number to call.

6. Driving a van is different

If you are not familiar with driving vans, be aware of the dimensions of the actual van you have hired. It may be far higher or wider than what you are used to, so take some basic precautions to avoid hitting low bridges or scraping the sides in narrow gaps. Parking a van may also be more difficult than you are used to, so pay attention when leaving the vehicle anywhere. You will also need to allow space to unload and load between you and other vehicles.

7. Dropping off

When dropping the van off, ensure you return the vehicle in the same condition as you collected it in. This includes making sure you return it with the same level of fuel as when you picked it up. If you’re dropping off the rental van out of hours, check where you should leave the keys. Avoid dropping it late as this may incur extra charges.

8. And finally

Check your credit card statement to ensure that no additional charges have been made for your van hire. If there are any discrepancies, then take this up with your van rental company.


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