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You’ve arrived at the only destination you need to book cheap flights to Hamburg, so pack your sturdiest sightseeing footwear and some warm clothes and don’t forget your sense of awe – you’re going to need it.

One of the biggest cities in Europe, the port of Hamburg has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Intrigued? You should be...

Shake any images you have of Germany out of your mind – forget the beer-chugging festival of Oktoberfest, thigh-skimming lederhosen and platters of bratwurst – because Hamburg is a city like no other. The maritime heritage of Hamburg dishes up fresh seafood, a UNESCO-listed warehouse district, and water-based activities by the boatload. In fact, Hamburg has more bridges than any other city on the planet and more canals than either Amsterdam or Venice.

Tempted yet? We don’t blame you; Hamburg is chockfull of culture, history, live music and festive markets to make you drool (they are famous for excellent food stalls). Book your Hamburg flights now and get ready to tuck in!

Flying from the UK to Hamburg takes around one-and-a-half hours. Low-cost airfares are in abundance, especially on flights from London to Hamburg and on departures from Manchester and Edinburgh. Search with TravelSupermarket and you can find many cheap flights to Hamburg from UK airports.

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Flight time

1 hr 40 mins

(from London)


Euro (€)