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Find out why this Adriatic stunner wins legions of new fans every year when you step off flights to Montenegro…

It’s a mere dot on the edge of the Adriatic, especially when compared to neighbouring Croatia (and Italy, just across the sea). But Montenegro’s popularity continues to soar. The beautiful town of Kotor, which lures cruises ships into its mountain-flanked bay like a mermaid calling to sailors, is an obvious attraction. Its medieval splendour and yacht-filled marina will not disappoint.

Close by is Tivat, the location of the coast’s international airport. You could happily spend a holiday here on the beaches and amid the sophisticated (and sun-drenched) grandeur of this coastal town.

Rich in history, dripping with romance and packed with great hotels, the tourist town of Budva is also nightlife central on the Montenegrin coast. The seaside towns of Becici and Petrovac also attract holidaying Europeans when the sun shines.

Fly to Montenegro and land at Tivat Airport (TIV) for the best of the coast, or touch down in the magnificent capital at Podgorica Airport (TGD). The beaches around Budva can also be accessed from Podgorica, though Tivat is a more convenient airport for beach breaks.

Direct London to Montenegro flights land at both Podgorica and Tivat (it’s usually cheaper to fly to Podgorica). Tivat can also be reached on direct flights from Manchester. Flights to Montenegro from UK airports take an average of three hours.

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