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Book flights to Qatar to have fun in one of the Middle East’s playgrounds of the rich. This fascinating land, where the ancient hasn’t been completely gobbled up by the modern, is a sun-soaked dream for tourists.

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Take a direct flight to Qatar and in around seven hours you will feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Located on a peninsular that sticks out like a thumb into the Persian Gulf, modern Qatar has been built on the back of vast riches from natural oil and gas reserves. Skyscrapers of mind-boggling design reach high into the blue above while, a little closer to the earth, marinas house multi-million-pound yachts and man-made islands welcome guests at five-star hotels.

Most visitors to Qatar arrive on flights to Doha, the capital of the nation and the undisputed hub of tourism, finance, leisure and everything else that makes Qatar tick. English is widely spoken in Doha, in fact almost everywhere in Qatar, though it will be appreciated if you try a few phrases in Arabic. Visitors should dress conservatively in public places, though swimwear is completely acceptable at hotel beaches.

Qatar flights are popular year round as the sun never fails to shine in this part of the world. The summer months experience very high temperatures and high levels of humidity; many visitors prefer to fly here for a dose of winter sun, or for hot days during spring and autumn, when the humidity levels are a little more bearable.

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Flight time

6 hrs 35 mins

(from London)


Qatari riyal (ر.ق)