Using 100 top city destinations (as listed in Euromonitor International’s Top 100 Cities Destinations Rankings 2017), we searched sources like TripAdvisor and Yelp to discover the number of parks, gym and fitness centres, spas, yoga and pilates locations, health food shops, and vegan option restaurants in every city. These figures were then divided by each city’s size to reveal a per square kilometer ‘density’ figure. We also sourced average annual sunlight hours using both Wikipedia and World Weather & Climate, and the average cost of a night’s stay which was sourced from TravelSupermarket’s own data. Once all metrics were sourced they were assigned a score based on how valuable they were considered to be. This valuation was then used to form a score for each metric for every city. The top 50 highest scoring cities were then used in this campaign. Research was conducted between November and December 2018. All data can be found here.

The World's Healthiest Cities

From yoga retreats to spas, there’s a wealth of activities across the globe to get you feeling fighting fit if you’re planning a wholesome city break. We’ve analysed a number of factors, ranging from health food shops and vegan option restaurants to green space and sunlight hours to reveal the world’s healthiest cities. The score has been established using the density of each healthy metric in the city. Use the tool to explore the world’s healthiest cities.

Use the buttons below to sort the world’s healthiest cities and click on information icon to find out more. Use the drop down below to sort the world’s healthiest cities and click on the information icon to find out more.
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